Back from the abyss…….

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Due to some technical bumps in the road, this account of Papa Flamethrower’s studious viewpoints had been derailed for a some time.  Now that WordPress has cranked up their ultrasonic support machine, we’re back on the beltway.

So, whadi miss?  The St. Louis Cardinals won an improbable World Series title and Tony LaRussa abruptly retired following the victory parade.

The St. Louis Rams won their first game of the season behind the Modern Day Warrior Steven Jackson.

I’m back off the road from my trips to Chicago for the last 13 weeks and back on my road of working out, eating right and fighting the slowdown of my metabolism.  Giving up the craft beers, boneless wings, specialty sweets and candy corn is quite difficult, but it’s all a mind game, RIGHT!

I got the oil leak in my truck fixed…$550.  Then just four days later the doofus truck won’t start.  Come to find out it’s a dead fuel pump….$1000.  I know I said I wanted an old, beat-around truck but at this price, a newer option could have been had!

Big football weekend upcoming, highlighted in the SEC where the Bayou Bengals from LSU will stomp into Bryant-Denny stadium in Tuscaloser,  Alabama to face Nick Sata- er, Saban’s Alabama squad.  Should be a good game, I just hope Sata- er, Saban doesn’t resign at halftime (as he’s been known to skip out on jobs quite unexpectedly).  Being a fan of LSU, I’ll be pulling for them and will bring out some of my best Crimson Tide insults to pave the way to a 19-16 LSU victory!

NFL football viewpoints and Fantasy Football insights coming later.  Enjoy the Friday!!!




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