What the hell’s goin’ on around here???

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Those famous words uttered by lengendary football coach Vince Lombardi as he stalked the sidelines during a Packer game ring so true for today.  First, football and the twists and turns of this past weekend.

Kicking off our notable games has to be the matchup of #1 LSU vs #1 Alabama played at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa.  Battle of the titan defenses and inept quarterbacks with LSU edging out ‘Bama in a great win.  What joy to see the sad faces of the Crimson Elephant faithful as they lose yet another big game at home!  Last year’s Iron Bowl still hurts them but this game, on the national TV stage, had an even broader reach.  Saban obviously couldn’t buy a good enough kicker this season!  Brings a smile to my face everytime I think about him ripping off his headset!!  🙂

Here's Saban & The Bama Faithful today!

Now to the pro game.  Green Bay is the best in the business….period.

Once again, the St. Louis Rams delivered more disappointment and frustration as they gave us a good sleepwalk through their game with Arizona.  To lose this game to a team with no RB and a QB named John Skelton is a joke.  The seat is much hotter and the ice is much thinner for Rams head coach Steve Spagnoulo today unfortunately.

The inconsistent play from teams like Kansas City, both New York teams and the New England Patriots is puzzling.  So up and down with a true lack of continuity from week to week, it’s difficult to put together any kind of Power Ranking.  Here’s my shot however:

#1 – Green Bay Packers

#2 – Everyone Else

There is one consistent team through the first 9 weeks and it resides in Green Bay.


I need a cigar and nice Pumpkin Ale.  Unfortunately, that ain’t happening.

My son and guitar protege decided to walk away from the band he had been apart of for the past several months.  Due to issues such as lead singers who were terribly flat and didn’t know words to songs, the manager of the outfit (an old guy who owns a music store), was just a sorry excuse for band leader.  Given his ’30 years experience in the music business’, he was woefully disconnected.


Later all



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