Posted: November 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

The football played on Saturdays by our young college men is just thrilling!   Last week’s battle of titans LSU and Alabama was a defensive slugfest (albeit some woeful QB play helped!) and today we’re being treated to Mizzou vs. Texas, Auburn vs. Georgia and tonight’s clash of west coast powerhouses, Stanford v. Oregon.  Full day and I never thought I’d say it, but more exciting than watching the professionals play on Sundays. 

I certainly love the NFL however the atmosphere at the games is just not comparable to that of college.  I know it’s a big business nowadays, but the passion college football generates is seond to none.

Cloudy, windy and a cool 58 here in St. Louis today.  No sun and so much wind makes a trip to our treasure of Forest Park a bit on the uncomfortable side.  So, plan B?  Stay at home, bake some snickerdoodles, sneak a nap and catch Auburn whippin’ Georgia!

Had a decent, yet disappointing cigar yesterday.  Gurkha Evil Natural torpedo.  Not a good taste but a good burn.  I bought these on a good recommendation…rethinking my trust factor.  Won’t be buying them again, will head back to the Romeo y Julieta path.

My college girl is home this weekend so the noise level and activity around the house is amped up.  Makes for more excitement!

The topic of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids came up the other night in my house.  Anybody remember that cartoon?  I think I’ll add that to the Christmas list so I can have my kids watch it and learn the lessons Bill Cosby displayed.  Good stuff!  Hey, hey, hey!

I see Wal-Mart will be open at 10 on Thanksgiving Day.  Nice.  They are so thoughtful when it comes to their employees.  

Insanity this morning, the endo of Week 2!  Progress is good in losing the weight I accumulated while working 13 weeks in Chicago.  Shaun T is one stinkin SOB.  I have to say however, for anybody serious about losing weight, improving overall health and toning up, Insanity is the real deal and it absolutely works.  This is my 3rd time on the program and even though it’s a killer getting though the workouts, there is a good payoff and progress is consistent.

Enjoy the weekend!  Cheers!


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