Manic Mondays

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Fantasy Football, Government, NFL Football, Uncategorized

Being an IT Consultant in today’s marketplace is odd.  I work for a company who pays me when I’m not assigned to a client, so there is no pressure there, however the fact I have nothing to do for days on end is not so pleasant.  I’m someone who needs to have stuff to focus on or else I turn into a psychotic pessimist.  Thinking too much into anything anybody says, looking for new job opportunities, wondering if I’m just no good, etc..  Me no likey.

Well, Auburn football sure let me down this past weekend.  What an embarrassing showing at Athens, GA facing the Georgia Bulldogs!  Passing teams do have their way with the Auburn defense and Georgia’s QB Andy Murray fits that bill.  He’s a very good QB with a lot of heart and will probably be a first-round selection when he enters the NFL draft, he’s that good.  Auburn needs defensive help, hopefully Coach Chiz has been focusing on that.  Unfortunately, this year’s Iron Bowl will be a rout in favor of the team in red.

LSU football, after a slow start, brought the wood.  They are the best in the nation and will prove it with a win vs. Arkansas, a win in the SEC Championship game and a win in the BCS title game.  I’m smellin’ what Les Miles and the Bayou Bengals are cookin’!

This past weekend was a good one indeed!  My oldest was home from college and we had the weather throw us a curve so Saturday we stayed in and she made awesome snickerdoodles!  We followed that up with dinner at St. Louis’ best Mexican restaurant, Hacienda in Rock Hill.  As usual, the chips were warm, salsa was spicy and dinners were exceptional!  No margaritas for my bride or myself as we’re knee-deep in Insanity, so we’re monitoring intake!

As for Insanity, had our second Fit Test today and I saw a very good improvement in every exercise.  Plus I held back just a bit so next test will be even better!  Kickin’ it and enjoying the regular workouts!

NFL Week 10 Capsule:

  • Mike Smith of Atlanta….what were you thinking?  C’mon Man!
  • The Rams get a gift of a botched snap?  Really?  We get a break?  Nice!
  • Hey Jets, you might want to try and pressure the QB! Hahaha! 🙂
  • Enjoyed watching Detroit get slapped down.  Too much cockiness from the Lions and they looked like boys vs. men on Sunday.
  • Sad to see Buffalo collapse vs. Dallas.  I thought they were at least a little better than that!  They didn’t even show up.  Pitiful.
  • Is there a more inconsistent team than the Baltimore Ravens? Losing to Seattle?  Super Bowl contenders don’t lose to a team of Seattle’s ilk, hence, the Ravens aren’t a true Super Bowl contender.
  • Chicago Bears are not to be slept on.  Watch out!
  • Good to see the Dolphins rise up for the second consecutive week!
  • Have I mentioned lately how much I love Mike Ditka?

As far as my fantasy teams go, bad weeks for both and I’m figuring out the time I took away from the game made for bad decisions.  I’ve lost a lot and have no cerebral insight the way I once had.  Maybe I just don’t care as much?

Curious how these cities are now evicting the Occupy folks.  Sort of turning into a police state in many situations.  This is still America, right?  I realize our government will act quickly to bail out billion-dollar companies (so they can continue to hand out million-dollar bonuses) and will not even think about bailing out common taxpayers, but the disparity is shocking.

Later all.


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