Coach K, Pujols and Today’s Workplace

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Mike Krzyzewski of Duke last night surpassed The  General Robert Montgomery Knight as the all-time winningest head coach in D1 basketball.  A remarkable acheievement considering the conference Duke plays in (ACC), the times in which he has set this record (with talent levels going up, players leaving for the NBA and the disconnected student athlete of today) and the fact Duke is a fairly small school (about 13000 students) with a tiny campus compared to UNC.   Probably the biggest impact any coach has ever had in college basketball.  Amazing.

So I hear the St. Louis Cardinals are planning on chatting with Albert Pujols’ agent while at the MLB Winter Meetings.  I hope they are coming to the table with a significant offer and not some deal that will be surpassed by Jose Reyes.  In my mind it’s going to take a minimum of 7 years and $28mil per year.  If they DON’T sign him, I estimate attendance will be down about 500,000  to the 2.5 million mark and the climate at Busch will be one of disappointment and backlash.  Is Albert holding the Cards hostage?  To an extent, however the Cards made their bed by not making a solid offer this past couple of years and locking him up.  Since that time, you’ve seen guys like Ryan Howard, Carl Crawford and now CC Sabathia make upwards of or more than $25mil/yr.  The market has continued to trend up and the Cards could have had Albert for that amount and 8-10 years back in 2009.  Ooops.

I’m an IT consultant which means I’m a hired gun for a company.  A client will have a project or program they need to have managed and implemented so I get the call and am assigned to that client and while I’m there, I hopefully find other opportunities for not only myself but for my company to provide help for.  Looks like I’m headed to a company tomorrow and it’s a very progressive and aggressive company here in St. Louis.  Basically they have rocketed from Fortune 150 to a Top 15 company in about a two-year span.  It’s not that I dislike what I do, because it’s not difficult and the pay is good, it’s just that I feel like there is something more for me in this world….problem is I cannot figure out what that is.  I’ve bounced a few things around but none ever grows legs.  I’m a natural leader who has a sharp business acumen with a fairly technical base however I’m also a relationship builder who can talk very well.  What does all that mean?  Well, I’ve been told I’m a very effective manager/director.  I’ve been told I am a great communicator who focuses on meeting needs.  I know I’m much more technical (both AppDev and Infrastructure) than most people and am effective at implementing solutions.  I can put program/project management organizations in place and am good at training people.  What’s that all boil down to?  I really don’t know but what I would like to do is lead a division/company/region who can market technical and business solutions to companies in need.  I would like to build partnerships with these companies, understand what they need and work to provide them results.  We’ll see if anything like that ever transpires….just hoping.

Enough of that, it’s Hump Day and my bride and I are in Week 3 of Insanity.  We’re rolling with it at 545am every morning, starting the day off  with hard work and sweat!  I like the feeling it provides throughout the day and hope to keep kicking it!!  Losing weight, clothes fitting differently and only eating one meal a day.  Hershel Walker, here I am!



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