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Posted: November 28, 2011 in Flamethrowing, NFL Football, Uncategorized

The Monday following Thanksgiving is always a bit off-kilter.  The holiday season is here in it’s full glory so the feeling of excitement and anticipation are here.  Stores and local traffic are generally horrible.  One of the bad side effects of holiday shopping include when I need things like shampoo or dog food and have to battle the masses to enter a store.  Strategic shopping comes into play.

So the weekend was good, yet too short naturally.  Friday I worked some and then was treated to LSU v. Arkansas.  You can’t keep the Honey Badger down!  Loved seeing the Bayou Bengals whip up on Bobby Petrino and his whining ways.  No way would I let my kid go play for that jackass.

Saturday brought the Iron Bowl from Auburn.  The outcome was what I predicted, I was just glad to see the Tigers put 14 points on the board.  Unfortunately, their offense didn’t score and it won’t until they get a real QB.  Gus Malzahn, the Auburn OC, has a scheme that is purely dependent upon a highly-skilled, athletic QB and the roster just doesn’t have that right now.  Zeke Pike  will be coming in next season, I hope he brings the QB quality level up to where it needs to be.

Also on Saturday we all went to buy our very first real Christmas tree!  My lovely bride and I have been married for over 22 years and have done artificial every year.  So, to change things up, we all piled in the family truckster and headed to Ted Drewes, the legenday frozen custard shop on old Route 66.  They have a side business there selling Christmas trees and have been doing so since 1953.   Ted actually owns his own Christmas tree farm in Novia Scotia.  So we found a nice 8 foot Noble Fir for $60.   What a bargain!  It was up and watered within an hour, making the house smell great!


The Denver Tebows continue to amaze.

The New England Patriots are looking much better now that their schedule got easier.  Come playoff time, they’ll revert back to where they were three weeks ago.  Out in the first round due to poor defense and WRs who get jammed at the line.

The St. Louis Rams are a sad excuse for an NFL team.  I’m at an utter loss for a reason other than our overall talent level is poor.

What I liked about Week 12: the Harbaugh Bowl; the improved play of the Miami Dolphins; the hard running of LeGarrett BlountBrandon Lloyd’s great hands.

What I didn’t like about Week 12:  Mike Martz’s play calling; LeGarrett Blount’s two fumbles; the lack of carries by Steven JacksonDeSean Jackson’s lack of heart, hustle and dropped passes.

MNF Outlook:  Hoping the pass rush of Big Blue (NYG) comes to play and cranks up the heat on Drew Brees.  I want to see big time pressure up the middle and Brees getting crushed.


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