Wanting to Get Away!

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Life in General, Travel, WTF?

About this time every year, my smokin’ hot bride and I get the urge to vamoose the St. Louis area.  Generally, it’s the weather and the prospect for mucho snow and ice headed our way during the next 3-4 months, but some of it has to do with our jobs.

My wife is a second grade teacher, has been doing an outstanding job for several years and her kids always progress past their expected levels in reading and math.  She does have her problem kids, of course, who are either special needs kids or who just don’t care.  Those are the ones who bring down class test scores when the state mandates it.

About this time of year, she’s had enough.  Enough of the after-hours activities, enough of the parent meetings, enough of the daily issues, enough of the inappropriate behavior our 7 year olds now exude.  So she wants to head south, put her feet in the ocean and feel them sink in the sand.  Me too.

I’m an IT consultant who generally does very little productive work and gets paid very well for it.  Just a little effort, attention to detail and delivering documents and/or tasks on time gets rave praise from clients and my internal supervisors.  I could do this job blindfolded while asleep it’s so basic.  Amazing what corporate America now feels is a ‘great employee’!

So, we’d like to take off, drive south for just 2-3 days over Christmas break.  I’ve got some free Hilton Honors points to use so the mini-vacation would be cheap and painless.  Maybe Orange Beach, AL or Pensacola, FL.  We’ll see if it happens!

I read Key West Lou every day and would love to have his life (less his dental issues and battles with blood pressure!).  In fact, my bride and I are targeting a rental in Key West when we get to retirement age….just hope it’s still there and hasn’t changed too much!   We have been there often and now our hearts and minds are there much more than normal.  It’s that “Island Fever” you hear about and that Jimmy sings about.

Now, I have to get back to my day dreaming…I let my mind take me to Blue Heaven and some freshly squeezed OJ and a plate of Tenderloin Benedict in front of me……mmmmmm!

Later Cats




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