Patience, Grasshopper

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Life in General

Since I’ve been back home from the work assignment in Chicago, I’ve developed a really nice routine.  Alarm goes off about 545a and my wife and I head for a workout.  We have really good results with the INSANITY workout on DVD.  It’s fairly inexpensive, no gym membership and I get to cry/collapse/pour sweat in my own home while Shawn T pushes me and tells  me to ‘dig deeper’.   The problem is, next week we go into the ‘max’ workouts which last an hour as opposed to the 35-40 minute sessions we’re currently in.  Soooo, that means the alarm will need to be set around 515a so we can fit it in, spend some time on our hands and knees gulping air sweating like Shaq, before we have to take the kids to school at 645a.  Gonna be tight, hope we can pull it off!

So last night I was all excited to watch Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer on CBS!  It was to be digitally enhanced and sort of the kickoff to the Christmas season.  I made the announcement a couple of days ago to prepare the kids (twin 14yr olds, boy & girl) and to wifey.  At the time it was met with a tepid response.  About 645p last night, I told everybody “In 15 minutes, Rudolph is on, so I’ll meet you downstairs”. ……crickets.  At 7p, Rudolph started and I love that Burl Ives snowman character, but I look around and I’m by myself.  Yup, you know you’re getting old when you watch animated shows by yourself when there are kids in the house.  Sorta sad.   Such is life, huh?

Now, the ‘Patience’ portion of today’s post.  Traffic totally sucked today.  Two accidents on my usual route to work so I made an executive decision to go a different way.  Of course, me and 5000 of my best friends decided the same thing and all back roads were jammed as well.  I crept along at about 15mph for a while and my normal 30 minute commute turned into a 50 minute commute.  I know, it’s not bad comparatively, but I friggin’ hate traffic that trudges along!!  :{   I kept telling myself I was driving down Duval on a Friday night….unfortunately I didn’t see Cowboy Bills, Margaritaville, Fastbuck Freddie’s or Irish Kevin’s anywhere in sight, but the mind is a wonderful thing and I love my imagination!

I made my famous Breakfast Hash for dinner last night.  A jumble of hash browns, sausage, peppers, onions, cheese, eggs and other junk.  Certainly not on my Insanity nutrition plan, but I only had a small portion.  Damn good stuff!!!

Later Cats!



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