Breaking Out The Flamethrower

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Government, Life in General, WTF?

Something set me off this morning, maybe it was the idiots having an accident on my morning commute, maybe it was lack of sleep, I don’t know.  What I do know is from time to time, I have a need to whip out the flamethrower and scorch the virtual earth (hence the name of this blog).  So, here’s what is fueling my torch today:

Flame ON!  The stinkin’ U.S. Government and their abysmal handling of this economy, big business and the 99%.  C’mon you jackasses and deal with this crisis in a somewhat smart manner!!  Bailing out brokerage houses and banks (so they can continue to hand out million dollar bonuses) really isn’t the best use of our tax dollars.  Continuing to tax the middle class is not the answer, however our government demonstrates their ignorance on a daily basis.

Flame ON!   Guys who hold esteemed and respected positions, trusted guys, who are sexual predators and use their status to lure victims, once convicted, should be ceremoniously and regularly tortured.   I’m talking savage and sadistic torture.  These evil monsters do not deserve to see sunlight, do not deserve clean air, do not deserve anything but what I’ve seen in Saw movies.

Flame ON!   People who drive too fast.  Seriously, do these people love their jobs so much that they need to drive 80+MPH during rush hour?  They want to get to their jobs so bad that they’re willing to force others to accommodate their poor driving skills?  C’mon idiots, wise up!

Flame ON!   To jackwads who think banning Happy Meals at McDonalds will solve our nation’s obesity problem.  How much extra time do you actually have that you can start petitions, push agendas and bellow about your moronic cause?  Hey you tools, guess what?  If the kids don’t eat a Happy Meal, they’ll get the Quarter Pounder instead!

Flame ON!   For all of those government officials who have given BP the green light to begin drilling in the Gulf of Mexico again.  The old saying “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” is in effect on this one.  With basically no monitored standards in place for this company who single-handedly destroyed coastlines and livelihoods, I’m sickened by what our government stands for.  The slugs who allowed this to happen should not be employed.

Alright, now I’ve sorta ticked myself off and am a bit fired up.  Unfortunately, I have to make it through the rest of the work day!  Grrr!

Later Cats!


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