Ugghhh, they were apparently right!

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Life in General

So our meteorologists in St. Louis are a very inconsistent bunch.  Yes, they are degreed and most are smart, but it’s comical how their forecasts are just plain wrong.  As was the case this past couple of days when all we heard was Sunday would be the turning point for us.  Temps would start in the 40s and drop to below freezing by nightfall.  Unfortunately, they seem to have been correct on this one as right now temps are hovering around 45 and now the rain clouds are pouring out their souls on us.  A good day to get the fireplace going!

Big football day Saturday as all conferences had title games (albeit the Pac10 finished Friday night).  The SEC champion, LSU, staked their claim to the national title with a resounding win over an over-matched Georgia Bulldog team.  Tale of two halves as the Bayou Bengals looked like a different team in the second half.

Oklahoma State put a whuppin on Oklahoma.  A rare event to be certain, but nonetheless, the Cowboys are hoping to vault Alabama and end up playing LSU in the BCS Championship.  Something I think I would like to see as well.

My lovely bride and I are in the middle of putting together a 1000 piece puzzle.  Yeah, we’re a little young for this activity, but are finding it very compelling.  When completed, we’ll have a great map of Key West in cartoon drawing!

Have to give a big ‘Congratulations’ to my daily “Key West Fix” Key West Lou.  His Bocce team performed admirably in last night’s playoff game.  While not winning, they have thrown down the gauntlet for next season with a solid showing!  You can find Lou and his daily activities at

Getting ready to head to church in the downpour.  Won’t be a good hair day for the ladies!  Hoping our senior pastor is preaching as the other two are lame drones (to say the least!).

Enjoy the games today and have a great Sunday, wherever you may be!

Later Cats!


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