Posted: December 5, 2011 in Insanity, Life in General, Weight Loss, Working Out

As many of you know, I use a workout routine at home called Insanity. It’s a series of DVDs that take you through a 60-day no weights bootcamp-style cardio-blasting program. Bottom line is, it friggin’ works. Also on that bottom line is the fact it’s one tough challenge to take on. In fact, it’s probably the most difficult workout I’ve ever experienced. I hear that Cross-Fit and some others are quite amazing and tough, but I won’t expose myself to those, so Insanity does it for me.

My smokin’ hot wife and I get up extra early on the weekdays to do this to ourselves. We’ve completed the first 30 days, had a recovery week, and are now kicking off 30 days of Max Workouts! These are bad-ass, leaving you gasping for air as the sweat pours. The problem is duration. These workuts last an hour as opposed to the 40-45min workouts of the first half. This means the alarm needs to go off at 515am. Not easy for a guy who is into his wife, who also likes to watch football and is obsessed with what tomorrow’s weather will do to his commute!

Today was Day 1 of Max Interval Circuit. Six hours later I’m still feeling it. Granted, I probably burned off another 200+ calories, but the tremors and shakes in my legs and arms is a constant reminder. Here’s the tale of the tape after the first 30 days: I’ve lost 5 pounds and clothes are now fitting very differently. I’m tracking food/calorie intake and have limited myself to 1650 per day. I love my iPhone and it’s my partner as I use an app called Lose It. It’s a freebie and you enter your goals, the food you eat throughout the day and it provides you what is remaining for the day. If you are consistent, it really help keep track of what’s going in.

Generally, my day consists of the morning workout, followed by a bowl of oatmeal or english muffin. Lunch consists of a meal replacement shake. Snacks are apples, oranges, or maybe half a peanut butter sandwich. I like to get home in the evening with about 1000 calories remaning. Dinner is whatever we’re having as a family, I just take about half of what I normally would. I know, it’s the wrong way to do it, generally better to eat more early in the day, but if I want a damn cookie after my light dinner, I don’t want it to blow my numbers! Hence the reason why I leave myself room. 🙂

Also, just for those who don’t personally know me, I’m not overweight, I just don’t like the hint of a pot belly. I’m about 5’9 and currently weigh just less than 170. I’ve always been athletic, played numerous high-intensity sports but now in my mid-40s now, I have to do what works for me in a limited amount of time. So, if you find yourself flipping channels and run across an infomercial for Insanity and are intrigued but have questions, send them my way and I’ll address any of them I can. (I’m also a veteran of P90X if you have any curiosity of that one, too!).

Later Cats!


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