Is it Friday yet?

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Insanity, Life in General, StL Traffic & Weather Together

The working world, mainly the white collar environment, is an interesting case study.  I’m in IT, so generally the people on the ‘business’ side don’t really care for our kind because we 1) make things more difficult than they need to be, 2) rarely fix problems correctly the first time, 3) never fix things quick enough and/or 4) make them feel stupid.  Now, I have to say, I’ve been on the leadership side for quite some time so happily, I’m not the guy actually doing 1-4.  These are generalities really, but there is some semblance to truth to all of them.  IT people understand how programs, applications and processes work from the back side.  Users just see what is in front of them.  Most IT people aren’t really that rude or abrupt, but it’s the stereotype we live with.

Being in IT in the corporate world sounds a lot more difficult and challenging than it really is and I say that because I can produce a little bit of material, make a couple phone calls, set up a couple meetings and reach out to an engineer or two and I’m looked upon as a ‘golden boy’, someone who is an over-acheiver who gets tons of stuff done.  It’s basic, it’s pretty easy and it’s totally overrated.  I get paid quite a bit, more than I ever thought I would, to do the above.  IT consulting is even easier because generally I’m at a client who needs a job done and are just falling over themselves happy whenever I produce what I say I will.   I must say, want to do, the Information Technology field is broad and versatile, allowing people to do/go wherever they would like within the confines of the industry.

I say all of this because I’m currently at a client site who is growing their business much faster than they can handle.  This means they don’t have solid processes in place, things are moving but few people know what’s going on and a large amount of confusion reigns.  This is corporate chaos and this is where I thrive.  Putting materials in front of key decision makers, showing them what I’m working on and what is to come, gets huge praises!  I just got a psuedo-promotion yesterday from the client as they want me to take over an entire program (a program consists of an entire business or technical process comprised of numerous projects and project teams, all with dependencies upon each other)!

So, for me, this is cool.  Good for the ego, good for my interest level (have I mentioned my very short attention span and semi-ADD?)  But, I’m still not content and probably never will be.  That’s my problem, I like things for a while and then need a change, a shift of responsibility or something.  I get sorta good at something and then I’m done, looking for another challenge.

I ask if it’s Friday yet soley based on today’s weather (of which, I have an obsession) because I have a fairly long commute (33 miles one way) and traffic jams put me in a bad mood.  Sooooo, today’s flurries and slightly falling sleet made ramps and exits quite treacherous, therefore delaying my commute, but only slightly.  The mood today?  I’d say an 8 out of 10 which is remarkable, but I still want it to be Friday as I need a date night with my bride of 22 years.

Insanity this morning and it whupped me big time.  Max Interval Plyo.  God-awful and left me drained.  Glad it’s over.  Why do I put myself through it?  ‘Cause I don’t want a big belly, of course (plus the fact I have genetic high-blood pressure and high triglycerides that need attention).

You’ll come to find out I don’t always post every day.  Sometimes I’ll post twice a day, it all depends on my availability and where my ADD brain is.   All have a great day wherever you are!

Later Cats!


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