Tiger, Advent Services and the BCS

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Insanity, Life in General

Hey all!

The week is moving brutally slow, hard to believe it’s only Wednesday, but such is life, we can’t wish it away.

Amid all the football this past weekend, with a heaping helping of Albert Pujols and his possible new home was the fact Tiger Woods won a golf tournament for the first time in over two years.  As we all know the lurid story surrounding his crashing flight back to the world of normalcy and humanity, the fact his body breaking down created another hurdle for him to overcome.  So, two years ago his mental state was shot, his ‘mojo’ over other players had vanished and doubt began creeping into his psyche.

He tried to deny it, realized how far he’d fallen and then was blindsided by the balky knee.  This would not only require surgery and rehab but a swing change to decrease the torque he put on that knee.  Also, throw in a new swing coach, a new caddie and the fact his ex-wife is making a splash with her new dating life and Tiger was a shell of his former teflon self.

Now, after months of being out of the spotlight, he made a surprisingly winning return in a tourney chock full of quality players.  I have to give him credit, he proved that he is capable of big things and although I need to see it again soon, I have a feeling he could be back in a big way.   That is good for golf, good for television and good for my weekend naps!


My family and I are Lutheran.  I started life living in a small southwest Missouri town of 588 people and the only church there was a Southern Baptist, so that’s where I went.  The town I grew up in is about 6 miles from the town the original Footloose movie was based on, where kids weren’t allowed to dance in public.  My town had the same mentality, so naturally, I was one who lived not truly caring what the old ladies and their hymnals thought about me, but that’s another story(ies) entirely!

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod longs to be more progressive, but not to the point of having women perform any leadership functions.  Many Lutheran churches in St. Louis have gone contemporary, meaning they have tossed their dry hymnals, have a full rock band playing and pastors wear jeans and the like.  I like the music and the lesser degree of structure, but I’m still traditional in believing pastors and church leaders should dress as such.

We’ve discoverd over the past few years that Advent services are no longer normal services at all.  One year, the weekly services consisted of everybody breaking up into small groups and telling each other deep feelings.  Ummm, no.  Another year consisted of the church drama team putting on a play, each week another chapter.  Again, no message, no real Advent service.  Not a fan.  Another year was a ‘coffee house’ format where small tables were brought into the sanctuary, where sitting with complete strangers was encouraged and different people would get up to read scripture, poems, give testimonies, etc..  Nope.  It seems different churches use other’s ideas every year, so this is all over the place.

So, this year, our church is  having their kid services/programs followed by finger-food ‘dinner’ and a time for “open expression” from members.  Honestly?  I’m not even giving this one a chance.  Tonight, we’re going to what we believe will be a fairly traditional, older German Lutheran church we’ve never been to before just so we get to hear a pre-Christmas message with some regularly-expected activities.  I don’t know, we’ll see, but it seems to me the Lutheran church is just trying too hard to give themselves a different image.  I’m only in my mid-40s but I still like some traditions to be maintained.


The sportsworld is flipping out over the BCS Championship rematch of LSU and Alabama.  Now I truly don’t mind, I do believe they are the best two teams (even though I despise Nick Saban and Alabama), however there are some oddities that trouble me a bit.  First, Alabama lost to LSU at home but now if they beat LSU on a neutral field, they’ll be crowned champions.  Doesn’t seem right since both teams would then have one loss each, to each other.  I would have to say they would be co-champions at best.  Other factors that come into it are, if Alabama wins, we could have a ‘national champion’ who couldn’t even win their conference.  Again, doesn’t seem quite right.  Yet another is the fact both teams are from the SEC.  That’s just the way it is and people need to realize the best college football is played in the Southeast Conference.


Please take some time today, December 7th, and remember it’s Pearl Harbor Day.  My grandpa enlisted on December 8th, 1941 and spent 3 years in Italy and Germany under Gen. George Patton.  I never heard many stories, it was something he could not bring himself to discuss even though I couldn’t understand.  My thirst for history, information and the last of the Great Wars never gained any traction with him, but now as I’m older, I certainly understand.  It was a remarkable, tragic and amazing time in this country’s history.  Remember it well, 70 years ago today.


My body is killing me today on Day 3 of Max Insanity.  Today was Max Cardio and it feels like I’ve never worked out before.  How much Naproxen can I take in one day??


Congrats to Key West Lou and his #3 Syracuse Orangemen in a good win last night vs. Marshall!  I’m sure he enjoyed the game as they work to improve their consistency!

#10 Mizzou impressed last night as well with a decisive win over Villanova in the Jimmy V Classic!


One of my dogs has a scrape on the side of her neck that she has continued to scratch, now it’s a mess and she looks like she’s taken a bullet as blood is matted on the entire side by her ear.  So, we’ve cleaned her up and performed the ultimate humiliation to her by slapping one of those doggie cones over he head.  She feels embarrassed, bumps into everything and believes she is being punished.   I’m babying her as much as I can, but it’s no use.   See what I mean?

She's so ashamed!

Later Cats!

  1. newmanblake says:

    Good post but I do disagree with that Alabama would be co-champs if they won even though I’m a little biased. Just look at NFL teams that play each other during the season, lose and end up playing again in the Superbowl. You don’t see any Co-Superbowl champions.

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