Insanity: Day 40

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Insanity, Life in General, Travel, Weight Loss

Morning all!  My favorite day of the work week, I’m tickled pink that Friday is upon us!

As usual, I began my day with Shaun T and the Insanity workout.  Looking back over my schedule, I realized I’m on the 40th day of 60, so the intensity is full-bore.  This workout isn’t for the masses, it’s basically hardcore bootcamp that uses no weights.  Probably the best $120 I ever spent.  Totally kicking my butt however I can feel the changes happening.  Sweating like Shaq isn’t all bad!

I’ve been listening to Key  West Lou’s Legal Hour radio show on and I must say, it’s like hearing the voice of God!  Tune in next Friday at 10am EST and you’ll hear what I mean.  He’s actually authoring a couple of books and I just hope he decides to do the reading to make them audio books!   Loved the story of the 81 year old going around Ft. Lauderdale giving exams to women.  Wow.

I’m going to start reading some Robert Ludlum books.  I’ve had them for quite some time and have told myself I plan on starting them, but just never have.  Well, committment time is now and I plan on starting the Bourne Trilogy.  Can’t wait to read about the differences in technology and travel from then and now!

I’m also a fan of a Key West Author, Tom Corcoran.  He writes crime novels based in Key West and are centered on a photographer named Alex  Rutledge who gets some freelance work as a crime scene photog.  Nice reads, all of them, and bring you back to the island when it’s most needed (such as today…high in St. Louis is to be 34!).  You can check out his works at  You should begin with the first in the series, The Mango Opera as there are some associated relationships and storylines that carry over from book to book.

Nothing much planned for the weekend, my son is in a musical play at his high school tonight and we plan on going to my wife’s holiday party thereafter.  No gin for me tonight, still trying to slim it down a bit more.

Football games this week are okay, not great.  Sunday night’s game of the New  York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys is probably the pick of the week.  In Big D, so I expect the Cowboys to squeak this one out.

St. Louis is still in mourning after losing Albert Pujols.  We’ve seen all kinds of footage from people burning their Pujols jerseys, shooting them, driving over them, etc..  Wackjobs, all of them.  I guess none of them would accept almost double the salary to take the same job with another employer?  Jackasses.  I love Albert and the Cardinals, but I also understand the mechanism that is professional sports.  It’s all business and money and that’s it.  Face it and STFU you wackadoodles.

I found out yesterday my retired dad went out and bought a semi-restored 1950 GMC pickup.  Yeah, more comments on that in coming days, you’ll enjoy the analysis!

Have a great weekend, all!    Drink responsibly!

Later Cats!


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