The bar scene in 2011

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Life in General

So last night my beautiful bride and I attended her Holiday Party.  She is a second grade teacher at a public school and the teachers all pitch in to go to a place, buy a few appetizers and spend a few ‘off-site’ hours together.  Last night’s party was at a cool bar called Sky Music Lounge and the live music act performing was a local cover band called Paint the Earth.  We had seen them before and they are very good  and crowd-pleasing.

Long story short, the food was good, drinks were very expensive and the crowd was an eye opener!  I’d say the age range was 30s-40s, so we fit right in from that standpoint.  What we weren’t prepared for was the desperation of numerous (both men and women) people to find a hookup for the night!  We were both hit on by drunken married people and I think one or two may have been single.  One of my wife’s friends was approached and bumped into by a guy who told her “his pants were so loose on him that when he bumped into her, it made his zipper open up….and what did she want to do about it?”   Really, have we reached that point?

I’m not judgemental, but first of all, can’t a dude come up with a better pickup line than that?  Second, are STDs going up in this country?  Also, I guess bars are still the marketplaces for ‘free love’!  Lastly, I was sort of surprised people were so open and blatant about wanting sex in public.  Hell, I guess I’m just an old married guy now and don’t get exposed to what’s going on out there!  It’s a Mad World!

Enjoy the weekend, Cats!


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