Subdued Sunday

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Life in General

Yesterday was Christmas cookie baking day at our house!  My smokin’ hot wife spend the greater part of her day mixing up, baking and cleaning up (over and over) several different batches of holiday delectibles!  Today she wraps up her mission by baking an old German recipe my great aunt used to make for me, little molasses-based cookies called “pepper nuts”.  Made to be no bigger than a nickle, these life-sustaining morsels are incredible and it’s hard for me to stop after eating my first 70.   An old German recipe that folks made years ago, these cookies last an incredibly long time due to the fact they contain no butter.  Germans used to make these in big batches, store them and eat on them for months.

So I’ve told you about the Key West puzzle we’ve been working on and we’ve been taking pictures of the progress.  This is the first one I’ve sent to the world, but here we stand….

1000 pieces and we're almost there!

This is the same puzzle you can get at most Key West gift shops, I think it was about $10-$12 but well worth the investment!  We’re hoping there’s a Where’s Waldo element to it as we try to spot Key West Lou at one of his favorite haunts!!

Church, grocery store and football today.  The NFL schedule is a downer for this week, not a game worth watching (and I get them all with DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket), until tonight’s NBC game of Giants v. Cowboys.  That means a good nap is in the plans as today is our Insanity off day.  I’m just hoping I don’t sit here eating cookies all day, ruining the progress of this past week of Max workouts!

Enjoy your Sunday, Cats!


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