Cookies, Tebow and Sunday Naps

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Life in General

Yesterday was cookie baking day at the house.  I took the kids to church while my wife started the assembly line with the oven.  She started around 9am and finished up about 5pm, a full day’s work.  Now, we’ve got about 20 dozen various types of cookies and I certainly fell off the good eating wagon yesterday.  As soon as I heard the timer go off, I paused whatever game I was watching, zipped upstairs and grabbed a few while they were warm.  Well, after a few trips, I was feeling pretty good and ended up in one of those comatose naps for about 90 minutes.  That’s what Sunday afternoons are for!

The phenomenon that is Tim Tebow continues to roll!  NFL ‘experts’ and pundits cannot figure it out, they keep bad mouthing his technique, his footwork, his everything but he’s now 7-1 and has Denver atop the AFC West.  There are those things called ‘intangibles’ and Tebow seems to have things like heart, a tremendous will to win, an ability to get people on board and striving for a common goal.  He somehow finds a way to get his team in a position to win.  I like the guy but am waiting for him to play a really tough defense to see what happens.

Monday, my least favorite day of the week, is in full-swing.  The Rams v. Seahawks on MNF tonight….can you feel the excitement?

Headed to the coffee pot and a few meetings.  Later Cats!



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