A little rain is better than snow!

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Life in General

St Louis is getting some precip, however with temps around 45, we’re safe from the salt trucks, snow piles and numerous accidents during the commute.  That’s not to say a little rain makes for smooth transit.  In fact, it’s probably quicker to drive the interstates around the city on a snow day than a rain day.  Today’s trip into work took an hour+ (normal time is about 35min) due to three accidents on my route.  Not sure if people are just stupid, but I know they drive too fast, so stupidity certainly plays into it.  I saw several folks on their phones during the drive as well.  Morons.

Speaking of distracted drivers, about a year ago just south of St. Louis on Interstate 44 (which parallels and was the interstate upgrade to the old Route 66) there was the ever-present construction going on.  Late in the afternoon traffic had come to a relative stop when a 19yr old driver was distracted texting his girlfriend and slammed into the back of a semi, no skid marks were produced.  This in turn caused a school bus that was behind him to slam into the back of him and a subsequent school bus then hit the first.  The 19yr old texting driver was killed as was the first bus driver (who was proven to be driving too fast and was also inattentive).  The third bus driver was cited for following too closely.  Numerous injuries, over 50, and the wreckage was nothing short of spectacular.  The truck driven by the 19yr old was about half it’s normal length but it was difficult to see because the first school bus had piggy backed on top of the truck into the back of the semi’s trailer.  The first bus was about 2/3 it’s normal length because of the impact of the second bus.  Officials just released the details of this horrible accident, that the 19yr old had, in fact, been texting while driving.   Please folks, if it’s that important, just pull over and have a conversation or text your messages.  This young man’s decision impacted way too many lives.

Last night, on Monday Night Football, my St. Louis Rams put on a poor display of fundamentals, a lack of scheme and football acumen that is lacking.  Our offensive linemen don’t move their feet, they bend from the waist instead of their knees and they appear not to know the play being called.  Defensive secondary issues include a lack of savvy and/or a clear lack of film study because they acted as though Seahawk receivers were running routes they’ve never faced before.  When things like this occur, I have to blame coaching and the message being sent to the players.  Yesterday, Kansas City and Miami fired their head coaches and both had better results than our current coach Steve Spagnoulo.  I have to believe his days are numbered.   *sigh*

St.  Louis is still in the midst of a downward spiral from Albert Pujols’ decision to leave town and head to SoCal.  Cardinal ownership is trying to state their case but it’s clear to me anyway, that their attempts to sign him were half-assed.  The California Angels told Albert they wanted him for life, not just the next ten years.  They wanted him to be the face of their franchise and for years beyond his contract.  They want him in their organization, with their young players, as a part of their front office when his playing days are over.  To me, that is a committment the Cardinal ownership just didn’t want to make, for whatever reason.  Again, I’m sad.  😦

Calling All Angels...Hello #5

Enjoy the second-worst day of the week, Cats!


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