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Posted: December 15, 2011 in Life in General

Historic day as the “official” end of the Iraqi war has been proclaimed!  It’s been about nine years and over 4,500 Americans have died for this cause and American taxpayers have contributed over $800 Billion for this effort.  I know the original intent was to go seize Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Distruction and after we realized no WMDs existed, we continued to pummel various towns we believe housed or trained Al Qaeda.  Then we got into the quagmire that is the struggle between Sunni and  Shiites (the one that has been going on a thousand years) and I think (at least hope) we realized our being in the middle wasn’t going to solve anything.  So we found Saddam, hung his ass, killed his sons and many of his top advisors and took a win from all that.  You all know the chain of events.  I’m guessing now we feel the Iraqi’s can take care of themselves as we’ve trained, outfitted and weaponized their 65,000+ contingent of Army/Peacekeepers.  I’m very glad it’s over but I’m sure we will still maintain a presence in that country.  I would love to know the differences in philosphy and goals since “Shock and Awe” began in 2002.   If we knew then that our basic goal would be to bomb cities, then rebuild their entire infrastructures to make them modern and better than they were, to train their army and police while spending over $800 Billion and losing 4,500 lives and injuring over 32,000, I wonder if we would have made the choice to go in?  I’m not sure our country or theirs is any better off than when this thing started.  It’s a shame.  I, for one, think our country’s leaders let us down with this whole episode.

So, my oldest daughter came home from college last night!  When she comes home, the volume level in the house goes up dramatically as all three kids want to get their points and comments heard by all!  It’s a sight!  She was able to leave a day earlier because the teacher for her last final told her she had an ‘A’ and did not need to take the final.  Late notice but at least she got out of it without wasting too much time studying, and is now safe at home.  All is good!

Tomorrow, Friday (my favorite day of the week!) set your alarms for Key West Lou’s Legal Hour radio show at 10am Island Time (EST) or 9am St. Louis time (CST).  You can either listen or watch online at http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/  He’s going to continue his teaser story of a couple in Poland having sex while on a waterslide…..can’t miss that one!  Louis has a great voice, a great perspective and is a gifted storyteller.  You’ll be glad you tuned in.

Lots of stuff going on in sports, I’m just a bit too busy to cover any of it.  I’m a football fan first, both college and pros, a basketball second, both college and pros, a baseball fan and a golf watcher.  A couple big games this weekend in the NFL as the New England Patriots travel west to face the Denver Tebows.  That game will get massive ratings and will be better than we’re thinking.  Don’t underestimate the will to win.

To celebrate today’s gloominess and start your daydreams off right, here’s a nice pic to kickstart your thoughts…

Oh yeah, I can hear the surf and the faint sounds of a ukulele!

Have a great Thursday all!   Later Cats!



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