Movie Night!

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Life in General

Yes, Fridays are the best!  The BEST, Jerry!  Traffic is lighter than normal, parking is better, fewer meetings and generally an informal team lunch with those who can make it.  Another bonus is that we all have the opportunity to hear Key West Lou and his radio show!  Getting ready to start so tune in to

Tonight is an annual event in our house, when schedules and social activities permit, of course.  We all get together, eat holiday baked goods, drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies!  All three kids, my smokin’ hot wife and myself along with the two dogs, Annabelle and Lizzie, will hopefully spend some quality time together.  We own the normal lot of movies, but I’m thinking about picking up a new one on my way home and could use some assistance as I haven’t seen any of these before.  If you have any insight into the following, I’d certainly appreciate your suggestions:

Christmas in Connecticut (1945 w/Barbara Stanwyck); The Bishop’s Wife (1945 w/Carey Grant); The Shop Around the Corner (1940 w/Jimmy Stewart) or The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992).   Thoughts?  Right now on the docket is:  Charlie Brown Christmas, A Christmas Carol (w/Albert Finney) and maybe The Family Man (w/Nicholas Cage).  Not sure we can get three in because my wife and I get up at 5am to work our butts off with INSANITY!!  We’ll give it the ol’ college try!

Tomorrow my beautiful bride is going Christmas shopping with her mom.  They hit a mall or two and a couple stand-along stores like Kohl’s or Target.  My mom-in-law is now in her 70s and isn’t the easiest to shop with apparently.  My wife tells me she can’t make decisions on what to get, doesn’t have a plan and is very noncommittal toward certain gifts.  Now, with three kids and now three teenagers, my wife and I generally don’t go anywhere without a plan of efficiency and speed.   Slow, meandering shopping just doesn’t fit in our schedules anymore, maybe it will one day, but certainly not now.  Sooooo, the prospect of this shopping adventure is tough on my wife.  She loves her mom and hates to push her, so she’ll bite her tongue and put up with it but she’s given her a time limit of completion by 3pm.  This is so she can get home, take a nap and recover and then get ready for a date night with me!

We’re headed out to a fantastic restaurant in north St. Louis called Hendel’s Market Cafe.  We’ve been regulars here for about 10 years and love the atmosphere and food.  Expansion of their space and menu has occurred due to the popularity of their service, prices and ambiance but this place started as a general store back in the late 1800s.  Here’s a link to their site just for some perspective:

It’s FRIDAY, ya’ll!  Enjoy and take off early.  In case this is my last post until Monday, I’ll leave you with the tropical thought of…..

Feel the sand between your toes as the water laps at your feet?? Oh yeah.

I’m figuring tomorrow won’t have a new post, but today may have another or two, we’ll see.   Take care and hang loose!   Later Cats!



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