Saturday Check In

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Life in General

A nice 44 degree day here so far with temps expected to reach close to 50 with the sun shining brightly!  Good for just about anything, so I’m heading to the Antique Mall!  I’m a guy who basically grew up at my grandma’s house so I lived around stuff from the 1950s through 1970s.  Kitchen gadgets, ash trays, various deco-type of cups, glasses, etc..  I love it all and love shopping at these places.  Also, the Christmas shopping crowds are heading to the other malls, Targets and Kohls, so I should find a nice sactuary here.  I’m looking for a bookcase for my oldest daughter.  She’s a book nut and an English major, buys dozens at a time and is in dire need of more storage.  Instead of those shitty cabinets at a WalMart or Target for $100, I’d rather find one made from real wood with a little character for around the same price.   Can’t wait to leave!

Last night’s Family Movie Night consisted of watching a Christmas episode of the old Andy Griffith Show (awesome!), Charlie Brown Christmas and A Christmas Story.  We had incredibly rich hot chocolate, ate cookies and my stunning wife and I topped off the evening with our mixed drinks (she prefers Rum & Coke and I am a Bourbon & Coke guy).  Good times had by all.

Have a great Saturday  Cats!


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