Movie Review Time

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Life in General

Yesterday I visited an antique mall here in St. Louis.  A former grocery store, this place has been transformed into hundreds of small nooks for locals to sell their wares.  Not all antiques, mind you, many booths stocked current books and music, crafts, framed photos and pictures, etc., but probably 75% had antique items.  I was interested to see if I could find a slightly-used bookshelf for my English Major daughter and her plethora of books.  I came up short on that front, nothing to choose from, but while I was there I found myself studying the people who were milling around.  Fascinated to see that the greater majority of folks were senior citizens.  ???  Were they looking to buy their own stuff?  Sort of surprised by this as there was one gentleman who had to be around 80, purchasing an old wood plane and auger & bit set.  Wonder if it was his own stuff he got rid of 50 years ago?  Struck me as odd.

So last night’s festivities began with a nice 4pm nap while my stunning wife had been out Christmas shopping with her mom.  Got about 1/2 hour in and then she got home, she needed a snooze to recover from the hectic shopping crowd and then we were ready to hit it around 545p.  We drove about 30 miles north to Florissant, a suburb of St. Louis, and dined at one of our favorites, Hendel’s Market Cafe.  I posted a link to this earlier in the week and the place is very nice.  We both had drinks at the piano bar and then to dinner.  We shared award-winning crab cakes and both dined on filet mignon.  Awesome but neither of us could finish what was described as a 10oz chunk of beef.

We then decided to stop at Plaza Frontenac, one of the very upscale malls in the area, to take in a 930pm showing of the movie Young Adult starring Charlize Theron.  Both of us had heard good reviews and our local ‘real’ newspaper, The Riverfront Times ( gave it 3.5/4 stars.   Well, I’ll tell you, I found it depressing, sort of uncomfortable and lacking in anything good.  Check it out, I’d be interested to hear a differing opinion, however the main character is a drunk who tries to go back to her old home town to snag her now married, former boyfriend after he’s had a kid with his wife.  If this kind of storyline and plot is successful, then I guess I should start creating some screenplays because I’ve got some ideas that would smoke this one.  I’d give it 1 star out of 4.

On our way home, my 14yr old son called to say his laptop had gone nuts.  Basically, it sounded like he found a trojan virus and it shut down his system.  I told him not to touch it and I’d check it out.  I left it until this morning and have now fixed the thing.  Sure enough, he had some bad stuff on there.  I restored him to a previous instance of three days ago, have scanned and isolated several other dangerous malware and am now making it squeaky clean.  Make sure you update your virus and spyware protection!!

Enjoy the games today, we’ve got church and then the pitiful Rams play the Bengals in what should be a 27-0 loss by our hometown team.  How damned depressing is that?  “Wait ’till next year” is once again our mantra.

Remember, tonight on HDNet, two concerts:  Matchbox 20 followed by Train.  You’ll enjoy, I promise!

Later Cats!


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