Okay, Monday

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Life in General

Going into a holiday weekend, this week will be unusual due to the fact probably 1/4 of the employees will take time off.  So, that impacts progress, getting things done and dealing with unanswered questions.  Next week will be even worse, so today starts the corporate slow-down across the country.

I’ll take off little this week, maybe off early on Friday, but my company pays me for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, to be observed this Friday and next Monday.  If I work Friday, that means double pay, so I’ll be taking advantage of that.  Same goes for next week too, and I’ll probably just look to carry over any vacation I accumulate to 2012 so I can have an extra week.

Generally about this time of year I like to begin planning vacation.  A short 3-day family trip to Nebraska to see my wife’s aunt and extended family will be taken in late May/early June. Following that, my stunning wife and I will look to head to Key West for a few days.  Hoping to catch up with Key West Lou, spend some time at Blue Heaven, bike all over the island and lazily spend our days at our favorite haunts.  Can’t friggin’ wait!

Our Key West 1000 piece puzzle is down to the last 200 or so pieces.  We’ve slowed down a bit as we watch Christmas movies in the evenings as well as our normal busy schedule.  We’ll get it finished between Christmas and New Year’s, then we’ll get it in a frame soon after.  Should be cool!

Nothing remarkable to report, feeling as though it’s a typical Monday, so I need a mental boost of some sort.  Boring stuff, I’ll hope to pick it up in coming days.  Sorry for the drudgery!!

To help ease the dryness of this blog, here’s some of the pics from St Louis…

St Louis Union Station in the 1940s

Legendary Frozen Custard from Ted Drewes on old Route 66 in StL

Union Station Today

Later Cats!


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