Newt & Mitt

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Life in General

Now I generally don’t get too riled up about politics, basically because I’m so disillusioned at how all of these politicians talk a good game but never follow through.  Seems it doesn’t matter who we elect to office, the platform they ran on and the message they conveyed all get tossed aside as they quickly conform to the “same ol’, same ol'” normal course of government business.  That usually consists of senators and reps getting pressure applied to them by senior members for certain votes, it consists of lobbyists handing out all sorts of swag for votes and other ‘constituents’ sliding who knows what for votes.   That’s how our government works behind the scenes and it’s common knowledge around the beltway that the apple cart should not be messed with.

So, to see the GOP as a splintered group in an attempt to build support for one candidate to take on an incumbent president, I not only feel sorry for them but find myself just shaking my head at the candidates they have chosen.  Newt Gingrich is clearly the most polarizing figure on the GOP side at this point.  He is running as the Uber-Conservative candidate, as someone who swears he’ll reduce the size of government and cut federal spending all over the place.  Mitt Romney isn’t a career politician.  He’s a business man who has made a fortune and wants to be president.  He isn’t tightly adhered to the GOP platform, he’ll vary away from it from time to time, depending on the issue and the result.  He’ll adopt most of the GOP stances but not all and for this, Newt is grilling him.

I work in the corporate world and understand how compromise and flexibility are vitally important.  I am one who isn’t clearly a Republican or Democrat, I lean to whomever appears has the ability to ‘cross the isle’ and work with both parties.  Am I an Independent?  Maybe.  If I had to, I wouldn’t be able to clearly state what party I represent because I feel like I represent myself, one that believes in many freedoms but not a free ride.  I will  pay my share of taxes but I certainly don’t want banks & brokerage houses just handed money so million-dollar bonuses can continue to be paid out.  I don’t want my tax dollars going to other countries to build/rebuild their infrastructures when I see that the USofA has plenty of need here with power grids requiring attention/$, a clear and simple tax policy, roads and bridges in dire need of help, an education system that really needs a smart strategy (not one that bases a teacher’s performance on how a student does on a state-mandated test…because maybe that kid doesn’t want to take a test that day, maybe that kid’s parent’s were up until 2am yelling at each other, maybe that kid’s dad is an alcoholic who beats them, etc.,etc..), so education demands a better solution.   This, and many other issues aren’t the property of one party or the other, they are American issues.

To see now that Newt and Mitt are virtually tied after NBC News just this weekend reported that Newt had a double-digit lead, shows me the media hyped that up just to give Mitt a boost.

Honestly?  I don’t care which of those dudes gets the GOP nomination.  Obama took over a sinking ship and I said at the time, it wouldn’t matter who the incoming president is, they wouldn’t be looked on favorably based on the mess left for them.  I think Obama should get another term to see if he can make a positive difference.  Why not, it wasn’t his mess, he just had to step into it.   People who think there is a ‘savior’ out there, someone who can come in, unite the country and lead us out of debt and improve our image worldwide are smokin’ dope.  We already had that guy and his name was  Bill Clinton and as far as I can tell, there isn’t another Bubba out there.  Now, before you think I’m a big Clinton supporter, you need to realize I’m not looking at his personal life or choices, I’m looking at the results he produced while in office.  Yes, he was fortunate to be a part of the internet boom and he made some very good decisions.  Also, no matter how Republican you are, you have to admit his people skills and ability to charm and get people to listen to his message was nothing short of amazing.  He had great skills and used them very wisely.

So, what’s my point?  Well, I’m not sure now, but I do know this:  the GOP is fractured and any momentum they gain at this point, a year out from Election Day, will be nothing more than manufactured and window-dressing, just to get Obama out of office.  Unfortunately, they need to mail this one in, let Obama focus on making an impact and prepare for 2016.

I’ve got a lot more on this but my fingers are getting tired and I need more coffee.  Whew!

Later Cats!!!

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