Newt & Mitt….continued

Posted: December 21, 2011 in American Government, Crisis in America, Politics

Just to squeeze the last bit of frustration out of this orange, I want to touch upon the GOP situation once again.

Iowa is now producing straw polls that show Ron Paul and Newt tied for the top.  I, for one, do not think Iowa holds any significance anymore, certainly not the impact it once had.  Too much immediate information, too many opportunities for candidate gaffes and a media that works the 24-hour news cycle to the extreme make momentum a daily challenge for these people.

I think Herman Cain came out of the gates quickly by producing the 9-9-9 plan, one that I have no idea if it would really work, but it was a plan that nobody else had.  He was aggressive, he was confident and he gave the appearance of having a goal with an action plan wrapped around it.  Well, once he gained the early lead, the others like Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann, Paul began setting the sharks on him and we all saw how that worked out.  Seems the litmus test now for becoming president is no extra-marital affairs (just ask Gary Hart!).

So, to be honest with you, I do not think the eventual GOP candidate is coming from this group.  I think they are all spinning, none gaining any true traction.  I think a late-comer is going to enter the race and hit the ground running, with momentum enough to gain the nomination.

Looking at the biggest needs of this country, several are clear and obvious.  First and foremost is the economy and the weak housing market, the fact what good numbers we do have are false as they’re based on a debt-laden American workforce.  Consumer confidence is not what the media wants you to believe and the fact we now find out the housing crash was at least 20% worse tells you fibs are being told to keep the panic down.

We as a country are slowly drowning in debt, a lack of jobs and a lack of direction.  Generally, when this type of situation hits, a well-timed war would help things out.  Unfortunately, the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost us hundreds of billions without the bump the Bush administration anticipated.

States are also experiencing the same problems as the Federal government as state funding to education, career assistance, etc., is diminishing as well.  Local school districts suffer, have to have crowded classrooms and a lack of facilities or required materials to best teach our kids the right things.

Despair is evident from coast to coast.  The Occupy effort is probably well intentioned, however no clear message is coming out of it other than government greed and illicit taxpayer handouts to banks and brokerage houses without any vote or input from the people footing the bill.

I believe our government is out of control.  Congresspeople are too worried about getting reelected to actually cut funding to a program.  Unfortunately, we must gain control somehow.  Stick to a budget and if that means what we pay out gets cut, then so be it.  If that means revamping the tax code to generate more income, then so be it.  Something has to be done, this is ridiculous that nobody wants to take a stand and speak the facts about this.

I get ticked and pissed writing about this because we, as the American taxpayer, are helpless to impact it.  We cannot touch the Beltway lobbyists, we can’t just elect new congresspeople because the replacements get indoctrinated to the ‘normal course of business’.

Warren Buffett said he could fix the budget deficit with one clear rule:  either balance the budget (meaning making expenditures meet income) or you are out.  No whining, no crying, this would be the rule.  Make it balance or you are gone and gone now, not at the end of a term.  Top down, from President to Representative, one swoop.   I’ll have to think about that plan a bit more, but on the surface, I like the black and white of it.   More later.

Also, I’m still kicking around a format/viewing change for this dismal blog.  I may try a couple before I settle on one, but I would gladly take your feedback as I make changes.

Later Cats!


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