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Posted: December 23, 2011 in Life in General

Today a couple of local topics are going to be covered, so if you’re not into the St. Louis regional sports scene, this won’t be your cup of Sam Adams.

Two events impacted the sports page from last night.  First, Mizzou basketball defeated Illinois in the annual ‘Bragging Rights’ game held in StL.  Now, I’ve watched most of the Mizzou wins this year, 12 of them against 0 losses, and last night’s was the worst performance yet.  New coach Frank Haith had appeared to talk some discipline into the players, he had apparenly reached them when it came to making good passes, playing team ball with solid D.  Well, last night it all puked back up.  The past few years of Mike Anderson’s undisciplined, harried style came back in force last night.  A 16pt and 14 pt lead were squandered due to run and shoot, dribble down three pointers and very few assists by the MU guards.  Bobby Knight was calling the game for ESPN and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  There were spurts of good play but about 70% truly sucked.  Pissed me off and I’m hoping Haith grabs these kids by the neck and tells them they’ll ride the bench until they play his way.  Hoping…Hoping!  Mizzou won but despite themselves.

Also last night the St.Louis Cardinals made a splash to replace Albert Pujols by signing and overpaying 35yr old OF Carlos Beltran to a 2yr, $26mil deal.  Appears to me they paid big bucks for about half of Albert’s production.  We’ll see, but Beltran has battled knee injuries and a slower bat in past seasons.  Combined with the soft play of Matt Holliday and the injury-prone David  Freese, these Cardinals suddenly look fragile and old.  Oh, I think they’ll be competitive in that weak division and with Adam Wainwright coming back from injury, the starting pitching should be improved, but I see about 85 wins from this bunch and many missed games by starters.   Only time will tell but they look desperate.  They will play off the good will this past World Championship gave them but it won’t last forever, especially as Albert wins big games for the Angels.

Short day today, a couple meetings and I’m out until next Wednesday.  Meaning, this blog will take a bit of a hiatus.  Go read Key West Lou at because he’s nothing if not consistent!  Catch his radio show today, it’s a treat at


Here’s a nice one for you….Enjoy your Friday Cats!

Saks on 5th Ave in NYC


And for those daydreamers like me….



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