Ahhh, another off day!

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Life in General

So today, my beautiful bride and I are going on a day date.  We’re headed to Columbia, MO, home of the University of Missouri to take in a movie, eat some awesome pizza and have a general enjoyable time together!  Can’t wait but only one thing standing in the way of our leaving….an Insanity workout!  Yes, we’re in the final week of our 60-day program and haven’t missed a day yet.  Oh, the results are there, I’ve dropped my former travel weight of 8lbs in 7 weeks but this Christmas weekend probably set me back a bit.  Today’s workout is Max Interval Circuit, a 59 minute gut-busting, sweat-inducing extravaganza.   Ugghhh!

While in Columbia, we’re headed to what ABC’s Good Morning America touted as the #1 college hangout in the country, Shakespeare’s Pizza.  It truly is a great place to hang out, the pizza is exceptional and is centered in “The District” just off the campus at Mizzou.  Very nice, comfortable downtown area, very small townish that contains all sorts of unique shops and businesses.   Ready to go now!!

Not sure what movie we’ll take in, possibly one from this list:  Extremely Loud, Incredbily Close;   New Year’s EveSherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows;  Mission Impossible 3.   I’m sure we’ll flip a coin but we certainly will not take into account any newspaper or online review.  We’ve found those to be whacked out, way off base and created by people who have bizarre agendas.

During Christmas Day’s present opening at our home, we got my oldest dog Annabelle, a new toy.  It’s a beaver with no stuffing for her to pull out.  Check her out:

Annabelle and her new object of affection!

So, everybody enjoy your Boxing Day!  We’re leaving our real tree up for another day or two before it comes down.

Later Cats!


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