Key West in St. Louis….and an adventure!

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Life in General

Big Tuesday night in our house!  The oddysey of the Key West 1000 piece puzzle has been successfully completed?

Headed for a frame! Makes us want to head south!

So, with this now done, we’re ready to start on another and that comes from my beautiful bride in the form of a Christmas present.  She gave me a panoramic puzzle of Times Square to battle next!  New Y ork City is probably our second favorite place in the world and we spent a lot of time in Times Square, on Broadway and just messing around midtown.  It will bring back awesome memories.

Now onto the adventure!  For our day-after Christmas plans, we decided to drive a couple hours west to visit Columbia, MO, home of the University of Missouri.   Columbia is home to some of the best pizza we’ve ever had and we had a big craving, so it was onto Shakespeare’s Pizza (voted the best college hangout in the country by ABC!).  We arrived mid-afternoon with really no plans other than pizza and a movie.  After we enjoyed the delicousness of a great Shakespeare’s pie, we sat and watched Mizzou put a thumpin’ on North Carolina in the Independence Bowl and soaked in the atmosphere.  Shakespeare’s is  a very cool place and for that fact alone, I wouldn’t mind either of my twins headingn to Mizzou (albeit they have their sights on either Auburn or LSU).

We discussed the various movies out, Sherlock Holmes, MI3, Tintin, etc., and came to the conclusion we didn’t really care to see any of them.  As we left Shakespeare’s, we were met with sleet and freezing rain!  Nice, huh?  And us with a 120 mile trip in front of us.  Well, I’ve got a lot of Hilton Honors points so, on the spur of the moment, we just decided to stay the night at the local Hilton Garden Inn.   So, we stopped by Walgreens, picked up a couple things we knew the hotel wouldn’t provide and we headed to our room, unpacked our two bags of stuff and then walked over to the Lone Star Steakhouse for a nightcap.  Maker’s Mark & Coke for me, a Pomagranite Margarita for my smokin’ hot honey.  We had nice conversation and flirting and then headed back to the Hilton for a nice night!

Tuesday morning, we awoke somewhat late (for me anyway) stopped into McDonalds for a coffee+espresso shot and then made our trek back to  St. Louis.  Evidently, the snow/ice was worse on the east side of the state because we witnessed several vehicles in ditches as we drove through.  Come to find out there were numerous accidents in StL, the forecast was totally missed by the weather idiots and we even had a couple fatalities due to the bad roads!

So, today is once again a work day, back at it, but only a two-day work week as we’re off on Friday!!

Later Cats!!





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