Posted: December 29, 2011 in Life in General

2011 is coming to an end.  An odd year, 2011, it’s left me in a good state however getting here was quite stormy and jacked up.  I started the year as a Director of IT for a very small St. Louis grocery chain.  I led a team of 18 people and we did a lot of good things.  My boss was an older woman, near 65, who was the CFO and had ADD with very little technical knowledge.  I never felt I had her full support, she seemed aloof and very odd, never allowing me (or any other people) to finish sentences before she drew conclusions.  Well, when she admonished me for trying to implement formal performance reviews on my team (for the third time, mind you), I realized this environment was not good for me.  I believe she has early-stage dimensia and cuts so many financial corners as CFO, I’m surprised they ever pass an audit.  No structure, no proper workflow and a total lack of professionalism turned me to look for another position.

I landed as a Senior Consultant at probably the best business consulting company in St. Louis.  Opportunities in  Chicago to build out a newer account had me on the road for 13 weeks, coming home on weekends, but things worked out well and I made some good impressions.  Our workforce at the client site increased from 11 to 24 during my time there.  I’d like to think I impacted that a bit.

Upon my return to StL, I tried to get into a place that was only about 20 minutes from home but that didn’t work out because they said I was too technical!  Me!  Too technical?  Unfortunately, my resume looks impressive and highly intricate, so I don’t blame them.  I landed at a company I really didn’t want to go to, and did so apprehensively.  During the first two weeks I wasn’t too happy and was doing basic project work.  Then, the skies parted and they offered me a leadership role of an infrastructure program!  I’ve been in this role almost three weeks and have made huge strides, established relationships with senior-level client management and have very good karma and momentum.

Strange how things work out, huh?

Also ending this week is my first 60 days of INSANITY!  I’m finishing strong, scheduled to wrap it up on Sunday and will immediately begin another 60 days of Max workouts on Monday.  I have dropped over 8lbs and want to lose 2-4 more, just to see if I can.

Another ending will be the PMI I pay every month as part of my house payment!  It’s a scam and finally I’ve got my balance down enough to save that $55!  COOOL!

Last night we did a mid-week night out with another couple, a woman my wife works with at her school and her husband who is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever run across.  Briefly, this guy is a pilot now, flying helicopters for Cardinal-Glennon Children’s Hospital here in StL.  He is a 20-year Navy man who retired from the Navy and then went into the Marines for another 10 years.  The stories he has from all of his stations and training is amazing.  He’s played golf all over the world, had flown everywhere and visited everywhere and has a story around all of it.  Brilliant guy who I love having at my table during Trivia Night competitions!!  Fun time, looking forward to it again.

In need of some daydreams today, so here we go:

Not Smathers or Ft. Zach Taylor, but still worthy!

Later Cats!

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