Bowl Kickoff and Football Frenzy!

Posted: January 2, 2012 in NFL Football, NFL Playoffs

This long, holiday weekend started off with Auburn v. Virginia in the  Chick-fil-A Bowl on Saturday night.  Glad to see Gene Chizik continue his undefeated bowl streak and to see Gus Malzahn, the AU OC who is the newly hired Head Coach at Arkansas St., get some players to step up and play well on offense.  Auburn, the defending National Champions, finished with 8 wins and that is about 3 more than every ‘expert’ predicted they would have.  Not bad for  a team with 20 new starters, no decent QB and mostly freshman and sophomores on the defensive line.

Yesterday in the NFL was better than I expected.  First, the good teams: New York Giants slapped down the hapless Dallas Cowboys and it was fun watching Jerra Jones, the Cowboy owner, squirm in his owner’s box!  The NYG are a team to be reckoned with as Eli Manning continues to rise to elite status.   The Cowboys need some serious retooling but Jerra needs to back off and let a real football man take over the GM title.  He is a busybody as an owner and his fingerprints are all over the team and that’s why they rarely make the playoffs.

Kansas City slowed the Denver Tebows, although the Denver club backed into the playoffs where they’ll meet their maker when Pittsburgh comes to town next week.  Enjoy your last week of following your team, Denver!

The Miami Dolphins are going to be a catch in terms of getting a new coach.  Whomever takes that role will enjoy big success as Tony Sporano left the cupboard very full.  A couple more impact players and they are going to be contending for the AFC East title.

The Packers looked pretty good with Matt Flynn subbing for soon-to-be MVP Aaron Rodgers.  The Pack beat down the mouthy Detroit Lions, although Matt Stafford threw the ball real well albeit was talking way too much trash to the Packer players.  Grow up, Matt.

Now, for the downtrodden St. Louis Rams.  Yesterday they continued to show heart but lost to the rival 49ers.  This is probably head coach Steve Spagnoulo’s last day as Rams Head Coach and I’ll be sorry to see him go.  He was a class act and did some good things.  He and GM Billy Devaney just weren’t very good at evaluating NFL talent and  that was evident in the teams they constructed.   I have no idea who the Rams will bring in, but I would emplore owner Stan Kroenke to open the checkbook and hand it over to Bill Parcells to come in as Football Czar of the Rams for the next 2-3 years.  Tell Bill he would get whatever he wanted, a privat jet, an endless supply of Dove bars, Cohibas straight from Havana, anything.  Let Bill pick the new coach, set up the draft board, make trades, make cuts, make things happen.  Let Bill shop for the groceries!

Later this week, I’ll toss out my predictions for the NFL Playoffs.  Stay Tuned!

Now for today’s football frenzy!  We’ve got a multitude of college games on (and I love college more than the pros!), so here are my takes on the bowls I feel really matter.  Yes there are other bowls, but I only care about the ones with impact teams, so here you go:

Outback Bowl:  Michigan St v. Georgia.  I like Georgia in this game, mainly due to the talent of their QB Murray.

Capital One Bowl:  Nebraska v. South Carolina.  I don’t think Nebraska coach Bo Pellini is a very competent head coach and he’s going up against one of the greats in Steve Spurrier.   I like SC.

Rose Bowl:  The Grandaddy of them all pits Oregon v. Wisconsin in a great matchup.  I love Oregon and how they attack the game but I’m going with Wisconsin, their run game and the ability of their QB Russell Wilson to handle the pressure.  Badgers!

Fiesta Bowl:  Stanford and Andrew Luck vs. Oklahoma State.  Luck is considered by the ‘experts’ to be the best QB prospect since John Elway.  Well, I don’t see it.  I see a guy who has the physical tools but has a medium arm, resembling Chad Pennington.  Very accurate but unable to rip the ball.   I don’t see Stanford being able to keep up with the Cowboys and will take OKState to win this one.

Your pre-football video fix will once again come from Paul McDonald and the Grand Magnolias.  This is a band who is fun to watch:

Enjoy the games, tomorrow brings a new work year as us working stiffs head back to the salt mines!  Later Cats!


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