Hello Grindstone

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Life in General, NFL Football

The lazy, unscheduled time of the holidays is now over, traffic is back in full force and Americans are back at their workplaces.  I had nine days off over the past fourteen, and the days I did work were very light due to the fact numerous folks took vacation.  So, today begins what I feel will be a very good year for the Papa.  I like the tone of 2012, I like even numbers, I believe things such as the economy, my personal economy and all those satellite issues (my health, my physical shape, my kids and their grades, my wife’s job, etc.) will improve or trend up.

So yesterday’s bowl games turned out to be all very good.  I think I missed on two of my predictions but they were extremely close, so I feel good about the outcomes.  South Carolina whipped Nebraska and Cornhusker coach Bo Pellini displayed why he is an idiot and why no good parent should ever send their kids to play for this nitwit.

Oregon and Wisconsin played an amazing game and albeit for a couple Badger turnovers, I think they would have won, but the Ducks imposed their will, speed and precision to motor down the field and make good stops when needed.  Good win by Oregon, they are pure entertainment.

Okie State beat Stanford in a game too late for me to stay up and watch.  I saw the first half and OKSt WR Justin Blackmon is a man.  He attacks the ball, is a hands-receiver and can certainly make space for himself.  The St. Louis Rams could do a lot worse than drafting this kid.

Other games occured, mostly good but not remarkable.  I’ll miss the college football season, it’s much more passionate and exciting than the NFL.  Ready for Auburn to make a big push in the SEC next season and will be attending many SEC games as our own Mizzou enters into the big boy conference!

As for the NFL, the Rams did what we all thought they would and fired head coach Steve Spagnoulo and GM Billy Devaney.  Rumors are swirling about Jeff Fisher coming to town, but I’m not sold on Fisher as he’s little more than a .500 coach but maybe a decent hire.  Not sure, I’m troubled by our massive dysfunction as this will be our 6th head coach in 18 years.  Not good!!  It shows the Rams are a messed up, directionless organization.  I’d like Bill Polian to be hired as our football czar, but I doubt that will happen.  I think given two years he could improve our talent base to a competitive level, but we’ll see what our silent owner Stan Kroenke does.

Not much else to report today, just focusing on what I need to do for this week.

Hang in there Cats, make it a good start in 2012!


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