Numerology and Me

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Key West Lou, Numerology

Now I’m a normal guy with relatively normal perspectives on life and various situations.  There is a belief system out there which I’m sure you’re all familiar with called Numerology, which is the relationship of numbers (or counts of measurement) and how those impact, predict and inform people and happenings.  I actually think there is probably something to this based on things like how I feel on a daily basis, how things happen, situations, etc..  I know it’s closely related to astrology and stars/planets and their movement but Numerology is a study I think I’m going to dig into a bit to gain a better understanding.

Things such as the number of letters your name has, the cumulative date you were born that go into your life number and how that then should and will associate with others and their life numbers.  The Jim Carrey movie, 23, took Numerology to the extreme but that is a movie I think I’ll put on my list.  Anyway, I’m curious and when I get this way, I like to dive in and see how it works.

A typical evening last night, two kids in two different places and one in bed with strep throat.  We’re trying to keep her quarantined to keep the rest of us somewhat healthy so we’ll see how that goes.  I’ve never experienced strep throat but everyone else in my family seems to get it.

So, now that I’ve claimed victory over the first 60 days of Insanity, I’ve created my own workout routine that greets me every morning at 530am.  I take three days of the Max Insanity workouts, two days of running, one day of Max Recovery and one day off.  We’ll see how this goes but I am a person who needs to have a program and stick to it to ensure I stay slim and trim!

Today’s Video Pick of the Day is from the amazing blues guitarist, Joe Bonamassa.  He is truly great and I cannot figure out why he isn’t more prevelent in the American music scene than he is.  Hope you enjoy!

Make sure to catch the Key West Lou Legal Hour tomorrow online.  Lou covers many interesting topics, always compelling information, and he wears awesome glasses (I’ll need to ask him someday where he gets his frames)!  Catch him here at 10am Key West time (EST) or 9am St. Louis time

Pic of the day:

What could be better?


Later, Cats!


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