True or False?

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Life in General

All of this is just my opinion, a way to start my brain off this Friday.

The eventual GOP candidate for President hasn’t even entered the race yet?   True.  I believe the current candidates are so weak that Republicans will become splintered and disillusioned and someone will come forward to put on a late rush.

The US economy will begin to trend up, hiring will increase and there will be consecutive months of positive movement?  False.  Unfortunately, even the media push to tell us all things are getting better, the fragile economy we are in is a false one.  It’s built on consumer credit and huge consumer debt.  By not ever providing any relief to the taxpayer and continued relief to big businesses, the economy will continue to stand on extremely shaky legs.

Sunday will be Tim Tebow’s last start as the Denver Bronco quarterback?  True.  I have to admit, I thought he would really succeed as an NFL QB, but after seeing him several games in a row, I can see he’s too inaccurate, too slow to make a decision and holds onto the ball too long.

Our governmental problems could be solved if lobbyists are controlled or banned?  True.  Sadly we think our representatives and senators make decisions in our best interest.  The truth is they make decisions and laws based on what lobbyists from the oil, insurance, tobacco, alchohol/spirits, automobile industrys want.  Until there is some semblance of control over lobbyists (which is nearly impossible), it will be business as usual in the Beltway.

That’s it for today folks.  I’m looking forward to the Key West Lou Legal Hour today at 9am CST, or  10am Island Time or EST.  You can check him out here and it will give you some great talking points for the weekend:  I know I’ve got my schedule blocked out so I can sit back and watch Lou inform me!

Hey, if you don’t have access to a computer and want to hear Lou’s Legal Hour, there is a great little app for the iPhone called TuneInRadio you can get.  It’s free and gives you access to thousands of radio stations across the country and KONK is one of them!  Now some radio stations don’t allow their feed to go out, but most do.  I tune into a couple Key West stations, an independent radio station here in St. Louis, KDHX 88.1 is one of the best I’ve ever heard.  They play a great mix of music, numerous shows (a blues show, folk music, bluegrass, rock, salsa, hip-hop, alternative, you name it).  I listen almost all weekend long to the great variety they play and you can too via TuneInRadio or online at

The music Video Pick of the Day is from the Man in Black, Johnny Cash.  There were few who could hold an audience like Johnny and I sure miss him:

Enjoy your Friday, Cats!!!


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