Where’s Winter?

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Life in General

In St. Louis, we’re known for brutal winters.  Usually (before the words ‘global warming’ were uttered) December would bring with it sub-freezing temps and a snowstorm or two.  January would be rough with numerous systems moving through, freezing rain to snow and the month would be lost.  February would be perhaps the worst due to some glimpses of warmth that would quickly be snuffed out by a bitter cold spell.

Well, so far this winter season, St. Louis has seen about six days in the 30s and everything else practically peachy!  Friday’s high was 70, yesterday reached almost 50 and today the same.  In fact, this entire upcoming week will flirt with 50+ every day with no precip in sight!  Nice for the vehicles, no salty mess to wash off and good for the psyche.  Bad, however, for the bug population and allergy numbers, both of which will be back in full force unless we get some killing freezes.

I know it’s still early, but this is exceptional and enjoyable.  We’ll be into the second half of January before we see anything bad and that is welcomed.  I know our friend Key West Lou has reported temps in the Keys dipping into the 50s at night (and furnaces are not a part of homes there!) and only reaching 70 during the heat of the day.  I think they’ve turned the corner now and this week looks like a perfect week in paradise for the folks in the Conch Republic.   Lucky them!

Music video pick of the day time.  An acapella group from last year’s NBC show “The Sing Off” called Streetcorner Symphony.  They cover the CCR song Down on the Corner….amazing how great they sound with no instruments!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhH-LBWG2fk

Enjoy today’s NFL games.  I blew both of my picks yesterday and the dirty Saints won again even though it seems they get away with numerous holding penalties on their offensive line.  Punks.  Today I’m going with Pittsburgh to beat Denver and the Giants to beat Atlanta.  Probably the kiss of death for both teams!

Later, Cats!



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