Championship Monday among other things!

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Life in General

FINALLY, IT IS HERE!  Yes, you may be like me and almost have forgotten there is yet one more consequential college football game to play, but the day has finally arrived and LSU gets to face the one-loss Alabama Red Tide team again.  It’s such a shame that Oklahome St. lost to Iowa St at the end of the year because I am among the group who believes ‘Bama does not deserve another shot at this.  They had their chance at home and lost.  Now they get another chance and if they win they get the crystal football?  The symantecs of the situation are still in debate for me.  If Alabama wins, why do they get to be named National Champion?  Both teams would have one loss to each other, so why is this game and not the previous matchup more important?   It’s got so many holes in it that it’s not even arguable.  Ridiculous.   Hoping LSU whips the lying Nick Saban again and sends ‘Bama home with their second loss.  Can’t wait to see the Honey Badger lifting the BCS crystal football and Les Miles winning his second National Championship!

So Tebow happened yesterday, did you hear about it?  Yeah, me too.  I cannot explain Tim Tebow, he is not a great QB but Sunday against the Steelers, he played great and earned every bit of praise he’s getting.  It will last a while, so be prepared for Tebow-Overload.

On the politcal front, yesterday gave us a second GOP debate in less than 18 hours.  This is just getting to be a monotonous, mind-numbing process of some severely lacking Republicans!  How any of these people think they can beat Obama is just fantasy.  For those who believe the GOP has the right stuff to take over the White House, just remember it was Little George Bush who pushed the massive Wall Street bailout so million dollar bonuses could continue to be paid, it was Little George Bush who told us of WMDs so we could get into another war and spend billions per day for no true reason and it was Little George Bush who delivered none of what he promised when he campaigned to be president.  He took office and threw out all of the platforms that got him elected.  So, none of these GOP candidates has no momentum and they are all lacking in terms of being presidential.  It’s comical how the Republicans are proud of this group!!

Another work week is ramping up and I have to jump on board.

LSU, LSU, LSU, LSU!!   Enjoy the game, although the commercials will be rampant.

Music Video of the Day:  from one of my favorite groups, Train!  Their newest single from their new album!!  It’s a catchy tune that takes a bit to get used to but midway through, you’ll like it!


Later, Cats


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