True or False II

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Insanity, Life in General, NCAA Football, SEC Football

In another installment of True or False, more topics facing Americans today and my spin on each.

The New Hampshire Primary will indicate the GOP have found their candidate?  FALSE!  This is still a dog and pony show with too many people spouting too many unrealistic and disconnected statements on a daily basis.  I hear Jon Huntsman come out and say Romney “isn’t in touch with Americans” and Paul states Romney “wouldn’t do the work of the people”.  Really?  Do any of these pretenders really think they will actually do the ‘work of the people’?  No, they won’t, that’s an old premise, that elected officials truly care about the people who elected them.  Each and every congress person has their own agenda, mainly ensuring they become millionaires (or increase their millionaire status).  Face it, none of them really care about middle class issues.

NBC’s Brian Williams is as good a network anchor as we’ve ever seen?  TRUE!  Brian is as polished, as trustworthy and as level-headed as any news anchor ever.  Yes, there have been some good ones, David Brinkley, John Chancellor, Walter Cronkite, Edward R. Murrow, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw…but Brian is as good, or better, than all of them.  The NBC Nightly News is must-see TV, make sure you check him out.

The NCAA will adopt a ‘+1’ format for determining a national champion?  FALSE.  Too many school presidents enjoy getting paydays associated with bowl games, so this whole thing will continue to spiral the way it is.  Last night, the system declared Alabama as national champion even though they were not good enough to win their division, not good enough to win their conference and played less games than the team they unseated as #1, LSU.  So, basically they won a popularity contest and that’s the way the NCAA football champion is crowned.  That’s fine, they’ve set a precedent, that now teams really don’t need to do anything in conference play to get appointed to the national championship game, it’s based on who voters ‘think’ is the best.   Hence, what we’ve got now.   One thing I will say about last night’s game:  Alabama’s defense is pretty darn stout.  I think there have been better defenses in college football, but not many.

Our nation’s economy has turned the corner and will now begin improving as we approach November’s election day?  FALSE!  Folks, what we’ve got going here is an empty economy built on debt-laden consumer that is being ever limited by a government that continues to roll back any kind of benefit that helps the little people.  Meanwhile, government bailouts have propped up banks & brokerage houses that didn’t miss out on handing out million dollar+ bonuses, something the middle class could only dream of.   I have a feeling the media will be trying to paint a more rosey, positive picture regarding things such as inflation, unemployment, retail sales, home building, etc., in an effort to help out the current adminstration’s reelection efforts.

So, the newly revised Insanity workouts are moving forward and some people asked for final numbers following the first 60 days.  Well, things were good, I lost 8.5lbs (basically all of my travel weight) and now all my clothes don’t fit well unfortunately.  I have a goal to lose 4 more lbs, so now that the holidays are over, that focus can get laser sharp and I’ll target Valentine’s Day to have that 4lbs off.

Big NFL games upcoming for this weekend!  Looking forward to all four.

Music Video of the Day:  From the musical genius that is Rob Thomas.  Enjoy!

Starting a new book by David Baldacci, that guy can certainly spin a tale.

Later Cats!


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