Posted: January 11, 2012 in Life in General, NFL Football, Working Out

So this is the first five-day work week I’ve had for a while and I’ll tell you something…I could quickly thump the person who came up with this arrangement, meaning work 5 days and have 2 days off.  What toolbox thought that was a good balance anyway?

I’m in the middle of fighting off a common cold.  Haven’t had one for quite some time and I don’t know if it’s just because I’m older now but it seems as though things such as this have a bigger impact and make me feel worse than it used to.  I’m taking some Mucinex capsules that seem to help but the general groggy head, draining and overall spent feeling are still there.  Feel like I could just take a nap all day.

My freshman son in taking a bodybuilding class this semester.  At 14, he’s built like a spaghetti boy at almost 5’10 and 107lbs.  His class is being taught by the high school football coach who was a star running back at Purdue back in the 90s, and from the sounds of it, my boy is in the middle of a damned good class!  He’s learning all about technique, what the weight machines can do for you, how to use free weights and how to mix in agility, stretching and yoga into strength training.  I’m jealous but he’s not really liking it too much!!  I love hearing the tales of what they do every other day!

The St. Louis Rams are still without a head coach and their top choice, Jeff Fisher, still hasn’t made his decision on whether or not he’ll come here or go to Miami.  I have mixed feelings on Fisher.  On one hand, I believe he is a solid coach who could install a new mentality around here.  On the other hand, he’s a jackass who really has never won anything.  If I were him, I’d lean toward Miami but then you have to play Belichick and Rex Ryan four times per year, plus a trip to the improving Buffalo Bills.  The AFC is generally tougher than the NFC and the Rams are in a somewhat weak division (albeit the 49ers are badass).  The climate, the lifestyle and the latitude would have me headed to Miami but we’ll see.  A decision is expected soon, maybe today.

Nothing else to report.  I’m in a fog.  Here’s the Music Video of the Day…enjoy! To continue the Rob  Thomas/Matchbox Twenty vibe, here’s a great version of their hit 3AM:

Later Cats!


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