Big Friday in StL!

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Life in General

It’s funny how things so inconsequential to many folks are life-shifting events for others.  Probably the majority of people don’t know who pro football coach Jeff Fisher is.  He’s the former coach of the Tennessee Titans and is generally considered a no-nonsense, gritty leader who gets the most out of his players.  Well, this guy has been tabbed to be the next head coach of the woeful St. Louis Rams!!  This is front page news here and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch fully abides with the story going above the top headline!  Yes, the franchise now has a proven guy, not just a pretender or a wannabe, but a proven, solid coach.

Here's our guy!

Now the process to rebuild this sorry-assed Rams team will not be an overnight transition.  It’s going to be a struggle because our talent level is way below that of even bad NFL teams.  Of the 53 players on the roster, I’d say no more than a dozen remain after Year 2 of Fisher’s reign.

I just hope we now get a competent and wise General Manager who can truly evaluate talent and brings it to this team.  Big day in St. Louis, big day!

As for the NFL playoffs, here’s who I’m rooting for to win:  Baltimore, New England, Green Bay and San Francisco.  Headed to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight to watch the late game!  One of my favorite places ever!

Hey if you’re interested in unique, unpolished independent radio, today is the day to check out KDHX 88.1 in St. Louis.  Saturday’s are a good mix of folk, acoustic, bluegrass and old Texas swing with the shows on tap.  Check out the link, it’s entertaining.  Now remember the DJs are just volunteers who love music and they do things such as play the wrong song, say things they shouldn’t, etc., but it’s radio the way it should be with no commercials!


Later Cats!



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