The common cold

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Life in General

You know, there isn’t much worse than feeling bad.  I haven’t had an illness for well over a year but this past week has been a change as I fell victim to a cold.  Why they call it that I don’t know, maybe someone has some insights?  Anywho, after a full week of sinus issues, breathing problems and lung congestion, I today feel like I’m finally turning the corner.  I’ve worked out with Insanity for the past three days and Monday & Tuesday could barely get through it.  This morning, however, I felt good and was able to dig in and push myself without coughing uncontrollably.  There is nothing someone should cherish more than good health!!! It’s overlooked so much but that is the thing I hope for more than anything.

During my commute today, I noticed my truck started to make an odd noise.  I’m very in-tune with my truck as I’ve driven it now for almost 8 years.  It’s a great vehicle, a 2002 GMC Sonoma Crew Cab, that has caused me very little problem since I’ve owned it.  Problem is, I’ve now got 126,000+ miles on it and am wary of issues popping up.  Now I’m not a person who is into driving flashy, spectacular cars, just never have been.  I’ve always wanted to drive something dependable but I don’t really care what it was, hence the reason I drive a 10yr old truck.  It’s in great shape, I keep it clean and shiny but years and miles are starting to take a toll.  What to do???  I’ve got two 14, almost 15 year olds, who will be driving in a year and will need to have some sort of transportation for them.   So, I’m thinking I go out and get something that is dependable and most importantly, gets good gas mileage.  My commute is 33 miles one way so the 19mpg I get with the truck could easily be improved with a small, compact, efficient vehicle.  I’m thinking about a Honda Civic as I do not need anything big or flashy and the Civic has a good track record.   That way, I could keep my truck and allow the young ones to drive it to school and to activities and know it’s safe and solid.  I will just need to keep it running!!  We’ll see what pans out.

St. Louis is abuzz with Jeff Fisher coming to town to bring the Rams out of the darkness!  It will be a monumental task but I think he’s as good an option as any to do it.  Hoping for good stuff to come out of Rams Park!

Been busy the past few days with meetings, etc..  Missed a few Music Videos of the Day, so here’s one for you from my favorite rock band, Matchbox Twenty.  Here’s a remix of their big hit 3am, I think you’ll like it:

Later Cats!




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