Much work, little time!

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Life in General

I’ve somehow landed on someone’s good list.  As a consultant at the company I’m at, I’ve been moved up from Project Manager to Program Manager to Portfolio Manager in about one month’s time.  At a huge staff meeting yesterday, the team that is comprised of about 300, got to see an org chart of how this Sr. Director’s team is laid out on a big overhead view.  There at the top was the Sr. Director, just below him was his Chief of Staff and right next to that person was me!  Then on down the chart were the various teams, their directors, their Sr. Managers, Program Mgrs, Project Mgrs, Analysts, Architects, etc..  So, for all of these people to see, there is me, a technical consultant, close to the top of this Sr. Director’s organization!  I certainly got some comments, some jealous-types of wonderment looks and some congratulatory handshakes afterward.  Odd though, from the direction, support and work I provide, I don’t consider myself very productive.  I’m in more of a leadership role, so real work is something of yesterday.

As I type this I’m listening to the Key West Lou Legal Hour on KONK radio.  You can catch this informative and interesting show every Friday at 9am Island Time(EST) and 10am St. Louis time(CST) by going to  One of the best hours of my week.  I look forward to buying Louis a drink at the Chart Room on my next trip to Cayo Hueso.

I’m busy, folks, off to meetings!  Enjoy your Friday, Cats!


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