Posted: January 23, 2012 in Life in General, NFL Football, NFL Playoffs, University of Missouri Sports

That is the University of Missouri battle cry during games.  One side of the stands chants the first half and the other side of the stands follows it up.  It’s been in heavy use this school year as the football team played erratically but improved as the season progressed behind a first-year starting QB.  A win in their bowl game helped button up the year and, in combination with the announcement Mizzou would be heading to the big-boy league of the SEC just got some serious momentum rolling.

The Missouri basketball team will probably be #2 in the rankings this week after beating #3 Baylor in Waco this past weekend.  A game I thought Mizzou was overmatched turned to their strengths, which are guard play and ferocious rebounding.  Their tallest player is 6’8″ Ricardo Ratliffe but he is very determined to get the ball when it’s shot.  Mizzou has four guards who are very, very good.  They can penetrate and dish, spot up and shoot as well as hit 3s.  Smart players who only regress on occassion to more of a run-and-gun style, which gets them in trouble.  If they keep their discipline, new coach Frank Haith will have a Final Four team on his hands.  I see the biggest challenge being Kansas and I expect a split of those two games.   All I can say is the SEC better watch out on the basketball court as Mizzou basketball is coming and they will run many off the floor.  Kentucky will be their best competition but Mizzou has some recruits coming in that will meet the star power Kentucky brings in.  Big things in Columbia, MO!!!

Well, we’ve got the Patriots and Giants in the Super Bowl.  Two very good games yesterday, any of the four could have won them.  I thought the Ravens really outplayed New England but breaks were not kind to Baltimore.  On the other coast, the 49ers defense certainly showed up and were very stout against a potent Giants offense.  Eli Manning is a pretty darned good QB and will be impossible for New England to stop in the big game.  Look for a Giants win in Super Bowl 46!

So, I finally went out and got a car Saturday.  Man, do I hate buying cars and that whole process.  Our local Honda dealer had some deals and they were very eager to shave off $$ so I bought a 2012 Civic.  I need the gas mileage and although the Accord was nicer and larger, I have to have the near 40mpg.  While out on Saturday, I also test drove a Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Sonata and a Nissan Sentra.  While I liked the Hyundai vehicles, the dealership was unilling to budge on things like ‘delivery fee’ & ‘administration fee for paperwork’, so I walked.  The Elantra had some nice features that the Civic doesn’t have, but it’s not worth the extra $2k and the Civic has enough offerings to make it a good ride.  Plus the fact Hondas have some of the best resale values in the business, it made my choice for me.  Even though the Bommarito Honda dealership made it a realatively decent experience, the whole car buying thing just sucks.  Why can’t there be a price and that’s the price we pay?  Like an iPod or shoes, the price is the price and haggling is pointless.  Why does our culture foster such antics?  Friggin stupid!

Anyway, busy weekend and I’m sort of glad to be back at the salt mine.  Later Cats!


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