State of the Union, regurgitated

Posted: January 25, 2012 in American Government, Crisis in America, Government, Life in General, Politics, WTF?

So I did what I didn’t think I would do last night and watched the President give the State of the Union address.  No matter who holds the office, I generally try to watch at least portions of the speech just because it’s our President and there is a certain respect due the office and the person, again, no matter what I think of the man.

During last night’s speech, President Obama sure sounded like he ‘gets it’ and has an understanding of what’s going on out here.  From the outsourcing and oversees shipping of jobs to education and how teachers should be better equipped and supported to congress and their lack of cooperation and opposition to compromise to wrap it all up again by stating he wishes congress could act like Seal Team 6 and work as a team for the betterment of America and the taxpayers who employ them.

I liked the speech, he didn’t state anything that wasn’t already known, but I do like the emphasis he placed on American corporations and the incentives he is ready to lay out there for those who bring jobs back to the U.S. and hopefully the penalties he can stick to the companies who continue to outsource jobs to other countries.  Also, the clean energy focus would be nice too.

You know, I just want someone to follow through on these things.  I am a true believer that government officials are purely lip service only are looking to improve their own standing.  Rarely does a person act in the best interests of the American taxpayer.  When President Obama states companies who bring jobs back should be rewarded, Republicans sat on their hands.  What, they don’t want this?  When President Obama states he’ll increase taxes on those companies who ship jobs out of the country, the Republicans sit on their hands.  Really?  Are they that anti-American that they can’t support jobs in this country?

Republicans and Democrats don’t have to agree on everything but to be total jackasses just for the sake of being “the opposition” is flat-out stupid and goes against all the values our founding fathers had hoped for.  I even saw some Republicans not agreeing with President Obama when he quoted Republican president Abraham Lincoln!!  WOW, they sure are hardcore defiants, aren’t they.

The ideas our President laid out were good last night but half of the room didn’t like it.  Why?  All I can think of is 1) because they didn’t think of it first, 2) it’s not “their” platform, 3) because they are Republicans and that’s what they are supposed to do.   It’s frustrating and sad that those people do not have our best interests as the focus of their jobs.  I think I even heard Republicans booing when our President said oil companies should not receive tax breaks!!  These corporations are making record earnings, billions and billions and hundreds of billions, on the backs of Americans, and they continue to receive great tax breaks from our government.  Evidently Republicans just don’t think that’s fair, that these companies should be taxed like other companies.  Maybe they are scared that their oil lobbyist won’t be making regular deposits to their own bank accounts, hmmm?  Maybe they don’t want to lose those free vacations the oil lobbyists pay for?  Maybe they like the free tickets, free alcohol, free sex partner, free cars, free gadgets, free insider information they receive from those oil lobbyists?????  Yeah, now I think we have an idea why they want to continue those massive tax breaks for those oil companies……motherfu**ers.  I’m sure there are Democrats who feel the same as the Republicans, so I’m not stating just one side feels this way.

The Republican rebuttal by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was about the most devisive, pure opposition and perfect example of NON-compromise that I’ve seen in years.  This guy was venomous with his assertions that our President wants to ruin the country.  Does Governor Daniels forget so quickly that HIS president was handing out trillions in bailouts before this president even came to the job?  Does Daniels forget that HIS president loosened regulations that allowed brokerage houses to run rampant and mismanage themselves to get in situations where taxpayer bailouts were the only option for them?  I thought Governor Daniels rebuttal was laced with disdain, was acidic and was the type of attitude we DO NOT NEED in any form of government.  This kind of guy and his selfish, tunnel-visioned mentality is so set on being ‘the opposition’ that he loses sight that he’s in office to bring both sides together for the common good of the taxpayer.  He clearly does not take that approach, he’s a “my way or the highway” type of guy and that does not work well in government.  Maybe on the football field, but in public office, a close-minded person such as this makes me want to puke.  His intent is to do whatever the other side doesn’t want.  He’s not interested in compromise, he’s the epitome of what is wrong with our system and is just a punk.

There you have it, my viewpoints.  Remember, I’ve voted for Ronald Reagan,  George H.W.Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, John Kerry and Barack Obama, so I’m a ‘down the middle’ type of person who is looking for the best candidate to put into office.  That means I want someone who can bring folks together for the betterment of America, not just a down the line party person.  Compromise, cooperation and teamwork are traits that need to come first and foremost for these elected officials, in my opinion, and those who turn the focus to their own gain and own selfish motives need to be ousted or never voted in.

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