The NFL division championships were held over the past weekend and out of those came our two Super Bowl participants, the New York Football Giants and Boston Patriots.  A rematch of the game held four years ago when the Patties were undefeated and thought they were a shoe-in for the Lombardi Trophy.

This year, they come in with one of their worst defenses Bill Belichick has ever had.  They have more holes than a hobo’s shoes.  Good passing teams can pick them apart, good running teams can gash them.  Fortunately for the Pats, they faced two offensively-challenged teams in the AFC playoffs.  I’m a Tom Coughlin fan, an Eli Manning fan, a Justin Tuck fan and a Victor Cruz fan and am looking for a solid Giants win on February 5th.

I got a little backlash from some folks regarding my State of the Union comments.  I find it odd how there are those in our society who fundamentally oppose President Obama just because they feel like they’re supposed to.  I mention the fact an attitude of collaboration, of teamwork, of cooperation should be a prerequisite for election to a governmental office.  Being inflexible, sticking to your party’s line and purposely being a roadblock to initiatives that are for the common good of America is pathetic and feeble minded.  I say “PISS ON YOU” to congress people who take that defiant stance.  It’s crap and if moderation, compromise and give and take is not acceptable to you, then enjoy the gridlock we currently have.  Nothing will get better as long as we have dimwits who think “all we have to do is get rid of Obama”.  Just over three years ago we had another party in office and they are the ones responsible for the mess we’re currently in, so don’t automatically assume getting rid of the current administration will make a dent in pile George W. left us with.

Mizzou basketball got knocked off in Stillwater, OK last night.  Ridiculous loss, they once again lapsed back into the Mike Anderson style of play and discipline and defense were afterthoughts.  Coach Frank Haith was ripping the boys, but to no avail, they played as though they were entitled to a win.    Mizzou will drop to about 5 or 6 next week based on their lazy play.

Getting my golf swing and the associated body parts ready to begin the preseason regime.  Flexibility, body turn, shoulder stretching and core work are vital to a good, consistent swing.   Everything falls into place once those are good.  Starting now should have me ready for April when we can get out and play regularly.

No video today, call me lazy like the Mizzou ballers!

Later Cats!


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