The Help

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Life in General

Folks, if you haven’t watched this Academy Award nominated movie yet, do yourself a favor and see this film!  It will haunt you, it will impact your thoughts and if you have a compassionate bone in your body, you’ll feel a disturbing sense of sadness and realization after you see it.

I still cannot believe this country was, and in some circles, still allowing behavior and treatment of African-Americans to not be on equal ground as whites.  It’s a sad testament that racism still lives in the United States and I honestly believe it is the ugliest side of this country.  After seeing a movie such as The Help and watching the PBS feature on the Freedom Riders, I continue to realize I’m ashamed of what happened then and I’m disgusted that segments of whites are so idiotic, moronic and foolish regarding their beliefs and behavior.  It’s sickening.

See The Help.

I hope many of you caught Key West Lou on the Legal Hour yesterday.  Once again, Lou’s preparation and interesting material makes the hour fly by way too quickly!  He’s had a house guest this week from Italy who has been whipping up various meals that make my cravings shift into high gear!  I think his descriptions of lunches and dinners has put a couple pounds on me this week alone since I have to eat something after reading!!

Later Cats!


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