Big Day Tomorrow!

Posted: January 31, 2012 in NCAA Football, SEC Football, University of Missouri Sports

February 1st generally only gets big-time buzz in one circle of society and that is college athletics.  Wednesday is National Signing Day for high school athletes to declare and sign a letter stating where they will go to school and participate in their selected sport.  College coach’s lifeblood is recruiting, without it they have no job.  It’s a cutthroat, down and dirty business and in the SEC (the big-boy conference), the recruiting game is played at the lowest and dirtiest level possible.  There is so much “incentive” discussed and delivered during this week that I don’t understand why the NCAA just doesn’t accept it and work to manage it a bit.

Former Alabama head football coach Paul Bryant was one of the ‘founding fathers’ of dirty recruiting.  He would pay players with suitcases full of cash, would ensure a kid’s parents had a good house or car to call their own, would make arrangements through affluent alumi/boosters for jobs to be arranged for a player’s relatives, etc..  If it was illegal and would ensure Bryant would get his players, it was done.  That’s what SEC football recruiting is all about.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can cry and whine and say it doesn’t happen, but I know for a fact it does, so save your “not us” lies.  Alabama is called “The Mother Lode” in college recruiting circles for a reason, hence this is why they are anticipating about 15 of the top 150 football players to head to their campus.  Only rarely do you hear about Nick Saban and his ‘boys’ be accused of cheating or illegal recruiting enticements and that’s the way business is done in college sports today, especially football.

So tomorrow, many teams will make their mark, many players will put forth their signature and commit to a university to pursue their dream of being a professional athlete.  The University of Missouri is hoping to land the top wide receiver in the country, 6’6″ 256lb Dorial  Green-Beckham.  He is the new style of WR/TE hybrid that cause matchup problems galore.  His speed, 4.4/40, his size and his basketball skills will be a nightmare for college linebackers and safeties to cover.  I hope he signs with Mizzou, he’s the big fish that they need….and one that Alabama can’t buy!!

67 degrees in St. Louis yesterday and 65 today!  What winter??

If you are interested in seeing a guy with great musical talent, you need to check out this video.  I’ve never heard of him before but evidently he has a few videos out on YouTube.  This one is from one of my favorite rock bands of all time, Queen.   Enjoy!


Later Cats!



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