Fridays are the BEST, Jerry! The BEST!

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Life in General

Nice commute into work, the weather is supposed to be pleasant again (another day at 60 degrees!) and I’ve got a light calendar.  All is good on Fridays!  To make it even better, today is the day I get a lot of great information and conversation starters from my internet friend Key West Lou and his Legal Hour on at 9am Island Time (EST) and 10am St. Louis time.  It’s always a great hour, albeit just too short.  Lou provides great stories and uncovers some very bizarre happenings, makes a person smarter listening to him!   Tune in, you’ll be glad you did.

Well, it’s Super Bowl Weekend and I think everything and everybody has been covered to this point.  I’m ready for kickoff but there is a lot of junk leading up to it.

Saturday night will be spent watching #4 Mizzou vs #6 Kansas from Columbia, Missouri.  Always a good matchup, this tilt will be “Must See TV” so plop yourself in front of ESPN and enjoy the border rivalry!  Tipoff is at 8pm CST/9pm EST and it should be quite heated and hard-nosed.

Some in college football are surprised about Alabama coach Nick Saban pulling scholarships from under-performing players so he can give them to incoming freshman.  This is just another example of how Saban has little ethics or morals, but parents enjoy their kids playing for him (our social standards continue to plummet in this country).  They enjoy it until it’s their kid who gets their scholarship yanked.  It’s not surprising, the donors/alumni are experts at giving cash and prizes to high schools, parents, siblings, girlfriends, whomever, to get the kid to sign to play in Tuscalooser.  It won’t end until the NCAA wants it to, but it further confirms the kind of guy this is.


Have a great Friday, Cats!


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