Oh, it’s SUPER all right!

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Life in General, NFL Football, NFL Playoffs, University of Missouri Sports

And that reflects more on last night’s Mizzou win over Kansas in Columbia!  What a game, one for the ages, with Missouri coming back from an 8pt deficit with only three minutes remaining.   I have to believe, after seeing the KU bench celebrating so much, that the Jayhawks thought they’d wrapped up the game being up so much with so few minutes left to play.  Kansas coach Bill Self, who is probably the whiniest coach in D1, outdid himself by almost throwing a kicking and screaming fit on the sidelines.  He was so red faced that I thought I’d see the dude stroke out right there.  Not sure what his problem is, but he really ought to grow up if he wants to be taken seriously.

Anyway, the comeback, the big shots and the tough defense gave Mizzou a 74-71 win in what looks to be the last time KU will be in Columbia after their 108 year rivalry.  Since Missouri is moving to the SEC and Kansas didn’t get invited, they are going to take their ball and play the likes of Pittsburgh St., UMKC, Missouri  Southern and others to ensure they don’t have to schedule Missouri anymore.  Fine with me, they can whither on the vine in the Big 12 while Mizzou enters life with the big boys.

In honor of the 46th Super Bowl, here’s a shot of Super Bowl 1, Green Bay v. Kansas City.  Tickets went for $9 and the game wasn’t even close to a sellout!  Green Bay won 35-10 with QB Bart Starr throwing for 252 yards and being named MVP of the game.  Here’s a shot of what it looked like from the Los Angeles Coliseum:

Super Bowl 1 in 1967....very little hoopla!

The way we watched the Super Bowl all changed in the late 70s, 1978 to be exact.  Up until that year, all Super Bowls were played during the day.  In 1978, the NFL decided to start later on those Sundays and the late-afternoon/early-evening Super Bowls were born.  The hype and build up to these games continued to roll through the 80s and the glamour teams of Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Dallas and New England all contributed to the increased fervor over the game.  Amazing what it’s become with game tickets this year in Indianapolis going for $3200/each.  Ouch.  I’ve actually got a better seat in front of my 55inch Sony, so I’ll enjoy it in the comfort of my leather couch!

Today’s Super Bowl menu is as follows:

Lemon Ricotta Cookies –  Grilled Chicken Wings in Smoky BBQ sauce (also in classic Buffalo-style)  –  S’Mores Pizza  –  Chocolate Quesadillas  –  Sweet & Sour Swedish Meatballs  –  Fried Mozzerella Sticks –  Jalepeno Poppers  –  White Cheddar Popcorn

Top that off with a nice Maker’s Mark w/Coke and we’re set for a game!

My pick for today is Giants over Pats 28-26.   Why?  Well, all year long the New England defense has been suspect and has given up mucho yards and points.  I do not believe they can flip a switch and turn it on without the players to do so.  With a less-effective defense, they will have extreme difficulty stopping the Giants offense.   We’ll be rooting for the New York Football Giants with gusto today!

Enjoy the game and your Sunday, Cats!


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