Keeping Life in Check

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Life in General

Tuesday, the day of the week that is sort of like an unfeeling, flat-line nothing.  Still too many days in the week ahead and generally, a day where I’m more grumpy than usual.

I hope the Super Bowl was enjoyed by all!  I was quite concerned the Giants would blow the game, they were lucky to win it, but the defensive gameplan was lacking.  Little or no pressure applied to the Patriot receivers off the line allowed free releases.  Not a good scheme.  Combine that with never rushing more than four and giving Brady time to find the open guy and that’s a recipe for disaster.  Fortunately, Tom Brady is not the QB everybody thought he was.  He is not the guy from 2007, he’s more like a better-than-average quarterback now and is not the threat he used to be for some reason.

Eli Manning played well and the Giants sneaked out a win but it was a less than spectacular game.  Next year, I’m hoping to see either Cam Newton or Sam Bradford in the big game!

The Missouri Primary is today.  No delegates are up for grabs because our brilliant state decided to move up the date of this fiasco, spend $7million in the process, and have neither side truly recognize the outcome.  Based on the date of this Primary and since no delegates will be awarded, there is nobody voting.  At one polling place in a highly populated area, only three voters had come in during the first hour.  And our state thought it was wise to spend $7 million on this?  Typical behavior from moronic leadership.

Not sure if I let it be known, but a couple weeks ago I bought a new Honda Civic.  Been driving it steadily to work and enjoying the performance and feel of the car.  I plan on driving it for about 3 years and will either hand it down to one of the kids or sell it to my oldest daughter.  So far on the highway I’ve been getting 42mpg!  Nice and much better than the 18mpg my 10-year old truck was getting me.  Saving bucks and enjoying it!

To get through Tuesday, here’s a couple of pics to provide some amusement:

Ease back, rock back and forth to the rolling waves.....

Sure miss Redd Foxx

...and I miss Seinfeld on a regular basis!

Off to a meeting, have a great day, Cats!


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