Been Locked Out!

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Life in General

For some odd reason, I’ve been locked out of my WordPress account and this blog.  When I try to access my dashboard, it tells me I am who I am (ScottA1A) but don’t have the proper access to open the blog.  Bizarre, never had that problem before.   Luckily, after several notes to administrators, I was able to finally get back in and make a post.

So, this past few days has been full of stuff!  First, I now have a pair of 15-yr olds.  Both the boy and girl are enjoying their prelude to driving and ask every day when they can begin the driving permit process.  I’m just not ready for that, to be honest, so I keep pushing them off.  We had a good dinner out to celebrate one of them, Cracker Barrel, where you never leave hungry!   The girl loves going there, and so does everyone else, so it was an easy choice.  The boy will choose a hole-in-the-wall diner called Garvey’s.  They specialize in all the deep fried favorites and have some exceptional wraps and pizza too.  Typical but tastey bar fare at a really good price so that will probably be this weekend.

The temps this weekend were bitter.  High on Saturday was 25 with wind chills around zero.  Didn’t want to step outside, nor did the dogs!  So I stayed in and watched the Bing Crosby Invitational, aka AT&T Pebble Beach Open.  I’ll never capitulate and call it the corporate name, same goes for the Bob Hope Invitational.  Same for the Byron Nelson.  Some things just shouldn’t be tainted by corporate greed.  Keeping Bing Crosby’s love of golf is something I like to look back on and those tournaments, the pro-ams, were some of the best ever.    This weekend was highlighted by Phil Mickelson’s Sunday domination of Tiger Woods and the rest of the field.  What a fall from the pinnacle for Tiger!  Once upon a time, lesser golfers would hit good shots to make a run at Tiger and he would coldly fend them off like an assassin by draining long par putts, longer birdie putts and hitting amazing approach shots.  Those days are long gone as Tiger has lost his mental mojo over other golfers.  They no longer are intimidated by him and enjoy nailing good shots in front of him so they can see him wilt.  Mickelson stuck daggers in Tiger and Woods quietly shrank, played like me and looked like a below-average pro golfer.  Some say it’s karma, that Tiger treated people so badly before his ‘episode’ he’s now realizing some monstrous payback.  I once was a huge Tiger fan, would stop whatever I was doing to watch him.  Now, I’m just disappointed in Tiger the guy, he’s definitely not a cut-above nor is he any mentally stronger than anybody like I thought he was.  He’s just normal.

St. Louis got about 2-3 inches of snow last night, our first measurable snow of the winter.  Nice that it happens in mid-February!   Supposed to be 40 and sunny today, so the white stuff will melt quickly.

Off to a meeting, later Cats!


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