Vacation Plans & Key West!

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Travel

Last year, my wife and I decided opportunities for family vacations were dwindling.  Our oldest is 20 and the youngest are 15.  Not many years left for the entire crew to go somewhere, so we packed up the family truckster and headed to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL for a week.  On the way back we stopped for an unofficial college visit at Auburn University and a good time was had by all.  Getting to see Harry Potter World was incredible, something I will remember forever.  The rides, the scenery, the built-to-scale Hogwarts….it all was spectacular.  Auburn was also great, a stop in at Toomer’s Drugs at the world famous Toomers Corner was very cool and getting to see the Auburn Oaks before they die (poisoned by an inbred Alabama fan who obviously graduated at the top of his crimson tide class) was something I’ll cherish.  So, while it was fun and very eventful, my smokin’ hot wife and I need some time out and when that happens, our first thought is heading to the Conch Republic!

We’ve been to Key West four previous times but this time (if we actually finalize our plans…still a bit up in the air) we think we’ll drive it.  Yup, 1400 miles from StLouis to Key West, two days worth of passing mileposts with plenty of time for good music and stimulating conversation as we hopefully get about 35mpg!  We’ve always wanted to drive the Overseas Highway and stop in at various posts, so it’s something of a challenge!

Targeting the last week of June, we’re going to crunch numbers and availability and probably make a decision in the next couple of days.  While we never buy any touristy stuff while on the island, we certainly do spend some cash on our food and drink, and this time around we hope to treat Key West Lou to some refreshments at the Chart Room and dinner somewhere.

We just love the vibe of the island and we spend our time biking and walking and piddling around.   A lot of time is spent at Key West Island Books as we sort through the piles of readable material and we meander up and down Duval Street.    Key West Bight is sort of our home base as I generally stop by the Cuban Coffee Queen several times per day for my caffeine boosts and daily lunches are at BO’s Fishwagon.

Not sure yet, but we’re getting excited and generally when that happens, we start booking.  More to come.

In the meantime, daydream away, Cats!





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